Thursday, November 28, 2013

Animation again.

Took at shot at doing something short animation with color. Again trying to figure out an easy way to animate the head without too much fiddling. Kinda failed -__-

Also, if I had one complaint about raster animation, it's that there are no good programs for it..
How difficult is it really to have a simple pencil tool, onion skinning, basic transform tools, and a timeline? Everything out there is mess..


  1. What about Flash? (i'm sure you've tried it already, though)

    1. He desires raster-based; Flash is vector. However, vector might be useful for his needs...

  2. I don't think you failed but maybe... it's too fast with the movements? there's a jump when the face moves, the hair does the same too and maybe that's what you don't like. I think one more frame for both of these will make the movement look better. But to be honest, I can only say that because I'm looking for details, I think it's fine this way since you can understand the movement perfectly.

    There are many programs out there but they're a mess sometimes. I use Toon boom and TvPaint depending on what I'm trying to do but I think you already tested those. What did you use for this?

  3. I don't know if you're already using it but the latest versions of Photoshop allow animation and timeline tools if i'm not wrong. I have CS5 and at least that one has them.

  4. you might be interested in pencil;
    personally i like and use retas studio, but that's a bit expensive and not available in english.

  5. Raster is different from vector in that vector graphics are more geared for CPU calculations. It's probably harder to find robust raster based creation tools.

  6. If only 16color 3.0 was continued and had expanded to today's standards...