Sunday, August 30, 2015

All the things.

Votes after Patreon reflected same result, with Shilleka being 32 ahead of Korra. 

This will be the first time I'm not already familiar with the winning character, but I like her design. It's also a good fit for pixel art because of the constrained proportions.

Weekly animations, still playing catch up

Still playing catch up with the weekly animations. Like last week, the Fio animation will be a day or two late.

Just thought I'd make some points clear about the animations, and also why Flash was slowing me down.

1. I'm animating them with GM and Aseprite. I'm not animating them in Flash. I'm putting them into Flash to control animation speed, and how many times each part of the animation loops.

2. From Flash, I can export as a GIF and as a SWF (with controls and sound). Once I'm back on track, I'll be exporting each weekly animation as both. they won't just be SWFs,

3. I'm only using Flash because it allows me to export as a SWF, which can be shared and embedded as one file. Otherwise I'd just use GM to do HTML 5.

4. What I'm struggling to get to work in flash is randomized sound, with the following elements
- Random volume within a range
- Random pitch within a range
- Random sound, from a selection

This is so I can apply H-sounds quickly, and in a way that isn't too repetitive.

The programmer who's is helping me out was able to write a script that accomplishes all three, however there was strange distortion that some people experienced on browsers. So, I gave up on pitch, which caused the distortion, but I'm still trying to get it working with just volume. I've wasted a lot of the time I had to animate trying to get some of these things to work, without much luck. However I want to get it done, because once it's done I won't need to do it again.

Some things to note about Noaika

Since I've only talked about Noaika in the comments, I'll mention a few things here,

Noaika is a much larger project than when it began. It hasn't just been just another Eroico-sized game taking longer for no reason.

I'm focusing a lot on H-animation, and incorporating a lot of the H-content into gameplay. There are a few things that can change about the protagonist during H-animations and through other means that remain consistent during gameplay and on all other H-animations. To give an example, there are ways to change the protagonist's breast size (Though I'm thinking about making that an option from the beginning). There are also other physical traits that can change, which means variations of every H-animation.

About 35% of the way through making the game (A while after the demo, and before I had done many H-animations), there was also a graphical shift. The sprites are higher resolution than the sprites in the demo; just under twice the height. When I decided that I needed to spend more time on H-animations and make them more than just loop>loop faster > climax, I also decided that I needed better sprites to work with. (Remember the comic with Eroico and big heads? -__-).

Lastly, I don't show stuff off because for the amount of time that it's taking, I would eventually have to show a lot of content. I prefer to keep things in the dark so that when players play the game, they experience it all for the first time, without any pre-conceptions. However, I will be showing off some screenshots soon since it's been so long. There are two things I want to finish before I do, though, so I can be sure I'm not showing off something that eventually gets cut.

And yes I had health issues for quite a few months after the demo, and yes some of them are still slowing me down, though less than before. But EVERYONE has health issues, so this isn't worth any pity.

Next character vote, other stuff

You can vote for the next character now. Rules are

-One character per suggestion
-No character's from last week's poll
-Write "Vote:" before your comment so I know the difference between a vote and comments about the scene, should you do both in different comments

I have the following to do in the coming weeks.
-Animation tutorial
-Extra animation
-Image draw

I'll be getting to those when I can, which will be once I've caught up with my animation a bit more.
I also want to make a better page for animations, since the current one sucks.

Anyhow, that's all for now.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

-__- #2

*Slams head into desk*

Randomized sound code still doesn't work.
Chrome, audio distortion. What.
Have to put everything into a movie just to re-orient it.

Can't make buttons that to represent different states...
x = 10.50?



*Slams head into desk*

Finished the actual Hilda animation a long time ago.
Just want  flash to work...

*Goes to Tim Hortons*

Insanity aside, for those of you who want to see the animation now, even though there's no sex sounds yet, here it is.

(without it's own window it kind of zooms in like crazy, though, unless you re-size the window itself.). So I also put it on the weekly animation page.

Saturday, August 22, 2015


Well, there's good news and there's bad news,

The bad news is that I spent a lot the time I was supposed be animating trying to get something sound related to work in Flash, as well as trying to get used to different pixel art programs. As a result I wasn't able to finish this week's animation in time. Instead, I'm going to have to push it back a day or two (won't be a paid post until then).

Here's a preview of it though. There will also be a simple background, since she's laying on a surface.

The good news is that I got some help from a programmer, and he was able to do what I needed in Flash. He wrote a script that I'll be able to re-use throughout the animations. (Now if only I got someone to do it for me BEFORE I wasted so much time trying myself -___-)

I also tried Aesprite, and it's meeting most of my "requirements" for pixel art. It's what I'll be using from now on for H-animation...animation. Though I may still do the base frame in GM for a while until I'm completely comfortable with it.

Here's this week's voting results

Patreon votes were:
Fio - 42
Misaka - 22
Yoko  - 33
Patty  - 14
Hatsune --19

So I'll be animating Fio next week.
Gonna be a busy week -__-

Also, you can vote for the next character now. A reminder: Don't suggest the same character twice in a row. Only one character per suggestion so it's clear what people are voting for.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Pixel art software woes

...Alright, I need to vent and complain for a second.

Lately, I've been trying various pixel art programs. However, a lot of them have incredibly frustrating flaws. Part of it comes from my familiarity with GM's Sprite editor, but a lot of it comes down to practicality.

Basically, in GM the shortkeys are like this,

C - Eyedrop Tool
D - Pencil
S - Box select
W- Magic wand tool
F - Fill tool
R - Rectangle

1 - Frame left
2 - Frame Right

Middle Mouse - Hold to scroll view

What's so great about this? Everything I need and use is within quick reach of my left hand, and can be accessed with a single button press. People often cite GM as having a bad sprite editor, so it always makes me wonder how long it's been since they've used it. Everything is simple, but everything is fast.

The majority of my workflow consists of switching between the color picker and the pencil quickly. Even when I'm not doing anything, I'll often keep tapping the C key repeatedly out of habit. I can switch to any tool with a single button, and switch back with a single button. Perfect.

Okay, so what about say, Graphics Gale and Pro Motion?

In Pro Motion, if you wanted to use a box select tool, first you would have to go into,
1. Select Mode
2. Rectangle Tool

And then to switch back you would have to go into.
3. Draw Mode
4. Paint Continuous.

Four button presses. Great. It wouldn't be so bad if you could set multiple functions to use the same Hotkey. Since in normal use, I'm always going to be using Draw and Paint continuous at the same time, so it would make sense for me to make them both the D key. There are a lot of problems like this in the program.

And Graphics Gale? It has other problems. It's color picker is set to right click. HOLDING the right button does a box select. Remember how I said my workflow consists of switching  quickly between colors by using the color picker? Well I can't, because if you're moving too quick then instead of picking up a color, you'll do a mini box select!!


Oh, and there's no eraser tool. So to erase you have to select the background color, which is annoying because of the box select. Or, you can use modes. You know, like the ones in Pro Motion. So if you want to erase and then switch to another tool, you need to switch the mode back before you do.

Alternatively, you can set the second color to the color of the background and swap between them. But look out! Because if you color select while swapped, you'll be caught off guard the next time you try to erase something because it will be the wrong color.

How about....have an eraser!
Use single button presses!

And the palette change your color with a proper window, you need to click on a color slot, pick the color and on the color slot again! An extra click for no reason! Does it think I just change colors FOR KICKS?! Why can't you just change the colors you have selected with the same window as the palette slots????



....Anyhow...if you have any solutions to these problems let me know. I'm also open to any other programs. I initially dismissed AE because it doesn't have hotkeys customization, but I see that can be changed by editing a file. Although at this point, any color selection that isn't like GM's is going to slow me down a lot.

Oh, and the reason I haven't uploaded sound versions of the flash files yet is because I'm trying to get semi-randomized sounds done like I did in Noaika, which makes things way easier. I looked into it, it was beyond my abilities, and so now I'm waiting on a word from a couple different programmers who may be able to do it.

Alright, done complaining. In all honesty, I really do want to find a program I like that can use layers, because it would make a lot of H stuff I'm doing in Noaika right now Waaaaay, waaaay easier.

Edit: Oh, I also never mentioned that I did a pixel art tutorial recently. It's up at the top under tutorials.