Sunday, September 14, 2014

Alright then -__-

In the words of a pa-tron

At the end of the day, I don't think Patreon is the way to go unless I created a project specifically based around monthly content. Which would not be happening for quite a while. So yes, I know what Patreon is, and no, I won't be using it any time soon. -__-

As for donations, I may remove the option entirely, and replace it with what would functionally be the same as discounted pre-orders. As in, instead of donating $10 and getting nothing for it, the donator would get the next 3 games I create, once they come out. Something like that. This option would not require things like Patreon, since it would just be using the same system.

Of course, if I end up going this route, I'll be sending codes to people who have donated to me in the past, since it would be a bit of a slap in the face if I didn't >_>

Ok? Ok.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Have you heard of...

"Hey, Kyrieru, have you heard of patreon?"
"Hey Ky, you should do a Patreon,"
"Hey Keryu, do you know what Patreon is?"
"Hey Kreckman, me and Patreon were just talking about you."

So, I get a lot of emails about Patreon. Normally I dismiss it with "I don't need it, I just have to make games". But well, people keep asking me about it, and it's not as though I dislike money. So now's the time to let me know what you would actually like to see. Because I don't know myself.

Streams, tutorials, adding content into older games, other than that there's not really much I could do on a consistent basis, unless I eventually made a game based around constant content.

The only other option I considered would be something like paying a certain amount, (for instance, $15), and getting the next 4 games I make when they come out. Or something along those lines. something that actually has some kind of benefit for the consumer.

Also, just to clarify, making a patreon page doesn't mean that only patrons have access to the content. It's merely getting paid when certain content is released. Patreon would not be replacing any other means of selling games.

Or, if you don't think I should do a Patreon, say that too.

Oh, and by the way,

If you had slowdown problems in Noaika, and you use joy2key. try uninstalling it, or disabling it. because apparently it causes problems.

Also, don't worry, I do read all your feedback, so I'll be making any changes that need to be made for the final versions.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

"Noaika" First Demo

Sorry it took so freaking long. Couldn't (and still can't) think of a suitable name. The title is tentative.

First Demo

If the game runs slow, try this and tell me if it works any better.

Edit: There's currently a bug that causes controls to become unresponsive in a couple ways. This is not an inherent flaw in the game, but rather an incompatibility that GM seems to have with certain computers and controller functions. I'll be looking into this at some point, and it will be fixed once the game is actually finished. If you experience control problems, try unplugging your controller as a temporary fix (hopefully.)

There's some temporary stuff, like the inventory, but for the most part it's just shorter than the final demo will be. There are also some other minor differences.

Any time you see blocks, that signifies that the way is blocked because it's just the demo. There is no real end to the demo, other than getting everything. The second checkpoint is where the game would normally progress to the first "level", though.

No idea how buggy it is. I've done a ton of testing, and other people play-tested it, but obviously it's easy to miss stuff.

Also, apparently Continue is misspelled...don't ask me how not only I, but also none of the people who tested the game didn't notice -__-

Problems I'm aware of,
-You can go through a wall,
-If your're mashing the attack button when you die, you might re-spawn by mistake.
-Some footsteps don't make sound
-You can hit the springs when knocked down.
-Pressing space during H-animations (a thing left over from debugging)

Many of it has been fixed, but I'll wait before uploading a fixed version.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Progress again.

Well, I have a song for the first area started. Ended up sounding like something out of donkey kong.
I think it works pretty well.

As for the rest of development (not just music), I wonder how long it's realistically going to take me. It took me days of making music, downloading instruments, and trying a bunch of stuff before I finally had a song I was satisfied with. I learned a bunch of mixing techniques, sure, but it also took me days, which in development is a lot of time.

And it's..11 days until the end of the month, again. My brain keeps going back and fourth between "that's plenty of time, you can finish it before then" and "who are you kidding, it took you 3 days to do one song."

11 days would be enough if I just used what I had. But I keep taking the time to change a few things here, learn a couple of new things there.. It's too easy to say "I'll just take a day to add better hit sparks", only to say "I'll take a day to make hits have more impact" a day later. They start adding up pretty quick, and I have to wonder how capable I am of working for 11 days without doing that. Even then, It's too common for me to finish something in half a day, only for the rest of the day to be spent testing, and adjusting it until it finally feels right.

At the very least, I can release a demo before the end of the month. There isn't much left to do in that regard. But I'm really starting to feel the time constraints overall. It sort of feels like every problem has a simple solution, and I know what they are, and yet I also know that to pursue them would be pushing my luck.

One of the reasons this game has taken so long is because I basically made something simple, and then spent more time redoing most of it. If I had just set out to make a medium sized game from the beginning, I would have come to this point much sooner, and with better results.

*Takes a deep breath*

Next time, if I set out to make a simple game, I need to stick with it. Better to have a good simple game than a normal one that takes too much time to fix into something playable. And if I do a normal game, I need to do it from the beginning.

Anyhow. Gotta go make souundssss....