Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Eroico Revision V7


New version of the Eroico Revision. (Redone animations, revised CGs, gameplay changes)
Note: Old unlock files still work, and now Noaika pre-order files will unlock Eroico as well. 

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Go to da Twitter

For those of you who just want life-signs and small previews here and there, use my Twitter. It's basically for everything that's too small to bother posting here.

In general, until I have a demo/something to download, I won't be updating the blog much. After some of the projects I'm working on are released, I'll probably go back to posting here more actively, and doing other things like talking about game design, etc, like I used to.

Until then, however, Twitter is the place to look. I'll also post a link there whenever this blog is updated.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Controller setup.

I'm currently working on doing some of the core aspects of all my games, in GM2. First up is gamepad support with adjustable buttons.

Since this is not an afterthought, but an actual attempt to do it as well as possible, I thought I'd ask you guys about some stuff before I start.

1. What are some common complaints you have about controller setup options in games? (can be visuals/aesthetics)
2. What do you see as essential features?
3. Are there any features that seem obvious to you, but are absent in everything?

So far my initial thoughts are
- There should be options inside and outside of the game.
- The screen should be traversable with keyboard, gamepad, or mouse.
- Adjust or disable rumble entirely
- Include visual representation of controller that clearly indicates if a controller is detected and what buttons are being pressed.
- Game must be able to detect controllers being plugged in at any time after the game has started.
- Don't skimp on presentation. Even an option menu should be satisfying. Might have some kind of character dedicated to options.

For now, I'll be doing a couple quick sketches deciding on layout fir the actual screen. Even though I'm doing it first, I assume it will be a tab of a larger options menu.

Friday, June 9, 2017

Where the hell am I.

Yes I'm alive, no I haven't abandoned Noaika.

I've had some difficulties working for extended periods of time over the past few months, mainly due to a pinched nerve in my leg. I've since bought a new chair, as well as a standing desk, which will hopefully help, in more ways than one. I'll also be seeing a docter later this month in order to fix another problem I've had for years. Wouldn't that be neat.

Anyhow, boring health out of the way; First thing on my to do list is get the remaining Patreon stuff done, still. There's something I've had the chance to work on more than a few times, but procrastination got the better of me. Once the Patreon stuff is done I'll close the Patreon, since it sucks up time, and financially I'm fine.

After the Patreon stuff is done, I'll be finishing one of the smaller games. In addition to needing to release a damn game, I also need to get some GM2 stuff straight before trying to implement it in Noaika. This includes switching to tile based collisions, and external file handling. Being a CCC developer is fun and all, but I don't want another game that runs like a potato on a sports car.

That's it, more or less. Maybe I'll be more active with random posts once I'm releasing content more consistently, but until then it feels like I'd be wasting people's time.