Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Another low res model

Did another low res model today. Took me around 2 hours of annoying 3ds max Canvas bugs -__-
I feel like the next time I do a model, I could do it much faster. There were some weird UV problems that I didn't notice until later, but I was just sort of rushing through anyway

Also took a look at Unity, and what could be done with Cell shading. Used an Oot model as an example.

 While I probably won't post them all, I plan on spending an hour a day on modeling. Perhaps next I'll do a Noaika model, over the course of a couple days.

Edit: And another test I did today. (Or rather, tomorrow)

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Messing around with 3d

Messed around with some 3d today and yesterday, for the fun of it. Result is pretty rough since I haven't done a model or used the software for like..3 years, but it was fun. Maybe this time I'll remember what I learned so I don't have to start from scratch every time -__-

I didn't really get to texturing the body or all of the hair, on this one, but I think the head is fairly
representative of the style. I'll probably try a more detailed model, when I have the time.

Basically, If I ever made a 3d game I'd use low-poly models (maybe lower than this), and I wouldn't use real-time lighting, but rather flat colors and shadows drawn right onto the model as textures. Think Megaman Legends, basically. I figure that trying to go for realism would not only be beyond my abilities, but impractical for a one-man project.

Initially I figured it would be neat to do pixel art textures, but in some ways it's actually harder, because the UVmapping has to be perfect -___-

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Blogger no longer allowing adult content, etc etc

So. blogger will not allow adult content after the 23rd. In that case, I have a few options.

First of all. here is my first attempt at using mediocre, ill-informed HTML on Tumblr.

To use Tumblr, I would have to use some third party comment system. Posting is also kind of annoying. Overall it's just far more limited than Blogger. (At least, in terms of how I use it)

What I could do, since I barely ever post adult content on the "blog" section of this site, is just use Blogger like I do now, but make all the links at the top of the page lead to the uncanny-valley Tumblr versions of the site.

Until the around the 23rd. though, there isn't really any reason to make the switch.

Also, I never even got an email from google, myself. Thanks for that, google -__-

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Still alive...

I know things have been quiet for a while -___-

Don't worry, still alive, still working. For the amount of time this is taking, at this point I'm pretty sure I'll either be giving those who pre-ordered something else for free (probably the next game, considering many people paid more than $5), in addition to Noaika. Given how long it's taking. (Even though I didn't give a date, it still makes me feel awful). 

Edit: I mentioned refunds, but as people pointed out below, I suppose that was dumb of me to consider -__-

Since many of you just want to hear "something", just any kind of update, I'll give some insight into one of the features of the game.

Basically, in addition to normal enemies, there are a small set of enemies that are a bit like mini-bosses, that appear in certain areas around the map (they move around, sort of like in monster hunter). Part of the game revolves around hiding from some of these enemies initially, but hunting them down and capturing them, once you acquire the equipment, or skill, to do so. (To clarify, the general areas they appear in are designed for them, so you won't have to worry about them appearing in other areas where it would be tedious, such as platforming sections.)

Well, for the most part, anyway.

Some of these bosses are monsters, and some are more humanoid. Unlike normal enemies, these bosses also have a bit more H-content associated with them, rape and otherwise. Some of them don't actually harm you, but will do things that lead to H-scenes if you're caught off guard.

But SSHHH!!! You didn't hear it from me. If anyone asks, you haven't heard from me in a while.