Saturday, August 1, 2015

Patreon plans

Alright, so I've finally begun the process of starting a Patreon. Right now I'm deciding on the rewards and stretch goals. Let me know what you think of the following, or if there should be any changes.

Keep in mind, these would be per (weekly) animation. People wouldn't be charged for animations based on rewards.

Pledge rewards
- Access to Patron-exclusive polls that will be added to regular votes. (In other words, you get to vote twice). I'll be using straw poll for both.

-Will be entered into a random draw. Every month I'll pick a random patron and do a still image of the their choice.

- Every two months, you will be entered into a random draw for a full-sized animation of the winner's choice.

Stretch goals

$50 per animation
- I will do at LEAST one animation like the Shantae/Midna ones every second week. Otherwise, they may be smaller (70 - 100 px). I'll still do large res animations sometimes regardless of whether this goal is met.

$100 per animation
I'll do flash versions of all the animations, with sound and basic controls.

$250 per animation
I'll do one extra animation for every three weekly animations I do.

$250 (alt)
Animation draw will be monthly, instead of every two months.

What do you think? Any suggestions as to what I should change? Which $250 stretch goal do you think I should use?

Midna animation

Here's the Midna animation. 

I think next time I'm going to try a lower resolution, so I can try doing animation with more unique frames, as opposed to this style. This one was a little rough around the edges.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Restarted poll. because I screwed up -___-

I restarted the poll, because I forgot to add one of the options (that had more votes than caster or Blaze). I switched it out with Blaze since she had the least votes in the Poll.

Another option crossed my mind for next time. (Sorry if this is getting complicated)
Do you think I should make it so the initial suggestions and poll are just for characters, but then while the poll is going I take votes on the actual scenario? (Just in the comments, not in a poll)

Or, do you think I should just take suggestions/poll for characters, and then just decide on the scenarios myself?

Week 2 Poll

I've made a poll of the top 5 voted options. --->

For suggestions that only had one vote, I just took whichever was posted first.

Also, next time I won't make a post just to say there's a poll, It will just be there a few days before each weekend.