Monday, October 15, 2012

Business as usual.

For those of you who are wondering, the game is still in development. Though, plans have changed quite a bit along the way.

Initially, the game was going to have adventure game elements, and a world map. However I've since decided to strip things down and go with a metroidvania setup once again. The switch from being an adventure game is mostly due to my reluctance to have so much dialog in the game, and the added burden of translation that would come with it. That, and I was starting to feel as though much of the story and quests would be better suited to a full action RPG, and a different gameplay style.

So, I've basically set aside some of content that I've already created (some tilesets, enemies, NPCs, other graphics), to be used in a future game, and shifted my focus a bit.

So, where does that put the current game? Well,  at this point it's going to be a little closer to Kurovadis, albeit with more content. Unlike Kurovadis, which at it's core isn't actually a metroidvania, my goal this time around is to make everything feel much more interconnected and non-linear. Since there are more areas, weapons, and moves, I can fill what would have otherwise just been empty space with secondary goals, giving the player a bit more incentive to explore. Though I still want to retain the feeling of playing through a coherent "stage", even if it's more fragmented. I'm not a fan of having too many flat planes with enemies scattered about at random.

That's about it, really. When will a demo be out? No idea, still feels a little far away. Though I want to be completely finished before the next two months are over. (And this time, I don't plan on taking a break afterwards. You're up next, Kurovadis 2)

Back to work...