Saturday, January 31, 2015

I think it's about time I dropped OI as a dev name.

Someone pointed out that emails haven't been going through to the email address I had listed on the side bar.

Turns out the domain expired, and I forgot to renew it, which effects the email, as well. Seeing as how it was kind of a temporary name anyway, and it would cost $200 to renew it for some reason, I think it's about time for a name change -___-

Since I don't really need a game dev "company" name, for now I'm just going to start using Kyrieru at the beginning of my games, since everyone identifies me by that name anyway.

Of course, when I work with more people, I'll have to do something else. Perhaps I'll just list each name somehow, since I like the idea of games being identified by who worked on them, rather than a company name that could be anyone.

If you've emailed me recently with no response, you can contact me at my new email address.

Because would have been a little absurd...

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Note to self:

My future self is not somebody I can trust, and my past self is somebody I need to prove wrong now.

That said,

New years resolution: 
-Get shit together. 
-Release three games. 

Two of those three games aren't much of an issue, the other one is another story. More on that later. Other than that, thanks for a supportive year, considering the lack of content so far -__-.

Now, back to work.

(You can stop laughing at the three games part now)