Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Status, Parasite in city

A circle called Pixel factory just released an H game on DLsite. Check it out if you have the time.

Needless to say, the pixel art is extremely well done. The creator also took the time to talk to users on English forums, so he's certainly the kind of developer I'd like to see supported. You can also buy the game from him on his blog.

As for me...Progress on the game is going fine, slow and steady as usual.

My interest in traditional animation was re-kindled a while ago, so I've been trying to come up with a method for drawing people that is also viable for animation. For the first time, I feel like I've finally found a drawing method that get's consistent results. Though, I've yet to find a way to draw heads that works as well. A static image or drawing from different angles is one thing, but coming up with a method that looks right when animated is something else entirely. Hopfully this constant practice will help out with CGs, too.

Also, for the sake of having something in this post, here's another tune I did. This time I might use it for the game. (the melody, not this track)


  1. This is an excellent game, very animated and we see that the designer has talent. Too bad they are too short (just 3 level). In January the game will have an update.

    If not, what did you find defects on this game?

  2. The melody reminds me to a mansion level (or it is just because of the grand piano).
    Well, do you first think about the tracks or do you have at first a level concept in mind, so you can do some fitting music afterwards?

    1. Either or. Most of the music in Kuro was done after the levels, but sometimes I'll do levels based on music.

  3. How do you create an account on the site to download it. Never done anything like it before and can't figure it out.

    1. Use paypal donation it's really fast and more easy for western user.

  4. that game was an instant buy for me. thanks for the link!

    1. After purchasing and fully completing the game I shall give my review for others...
      You are buying this game for it's art and animations, in which it stands above and beyond all other 2d H games purely on an artistic scale. The game however has some serious flaws in gameplay, not to mention level design.

      In terms of content the demo offers 2 out of 8 (roughly) H scenes. The enemy variety isn't exactly great, as you will interacting with the same 3 enemies and animations for pretty much the entirety of levels 2 and 3. There is only one boss, and he has decent H scenes but is overall pretty easy.

      There are some redeeming gameplay features (the ammo system is done perfectly). If the hitboxes and controls could be tightened up a bit, and the level design enhanced, and more content in general I would say this game would be one of the best Hentai games out there. As it is it's still a decent pick, but maybe not $13 decent. I liked kuro a great deal more.

      Art 10/10
      Gameplay 5/10 (if it were a non-H game it would be a 2-3 but honestly many H games are sub 1)
      H content 7/10 (more variety and enemies would bump that up
      Sound 3/10 (no music, only about 3-5 sounds your going to hear)

      Now if Kyrieru and pixel factory teamed up to make a game... and it was the length of something like kuro or longer, I would pay $30 for it easily!

    2. Pretty much. If we're talking quality as a product, Nano Crisis or Hounds of blade have more content for free. However I'm mostly looking forward to where he goes from here. His design might be a bit bare bones now, but he certainly has a great skill-set to build on.

    3. "Now if Kyrieru and pixel factory teamed up to make a game... and it was the length of something like kuro or longer, I would pay $30 for it easily!"

      The dream ^^ !