Friday, January 29, 2021

VR Midna sim

(Should work with Steam VR now, if you set the controls in the SteamVR window)

 A while back I messed around with VR in Blender. I was annoyed with the lack of tracking, and so decided to try making a VR template for characters in Unity. I recently came back to it and got things working (Programmer I mentioned before also helped with certain problems)

So, here is a little VR sim, currently with Midna. I will probably release the project file once it's a little more developed. (Though who knows when that will be, since this project is just for fun)

For this to work, you must have a VR headset. It may also only work on particular Occulus versions, due to the controls, though this would be the first thing I fix.

A button: Move the view
Trigger 1: Grab and drag limbs, or the character by clicking on her hips.
Trigger 2: Hold and press left/right to spawn a dick and change it's size. Press up/down to change it's offset. She will thrust if over top of it.

There are a few things I plan on adding to it over time. Feel free to suggest stuff, though keep in mind that I'm not a wizard programmer, and some quirks are merely a matter of "I couldn't get it to work".


Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Working with a programmer. Health stuff.

Working with a programmer

I have a friend who has helped me with various hard-to-solve programming problems over the years (for example, he programmed the palette swap in Lufuclad, which I could never do). We were talking about projects at one point, and I mentioned that I still had old projects laying around with some unused graphics.

I brought up the possibility of collaborating, and he agreed, and so he is currently working on the previously abandoned Umbrella game.

He is doing all of the programming (still GM). Currently we are a month in, and he has finished a lot of the engine groundwork, controls, some moves and attacks, among other things.

That said, he is a much, much better programmer than I am, so you can expect some things I would never be capable of myself. Every day he sends me a test version, and I give my input, and we discuss options, mechanics, possibilities, etc.

For the most part he is using graphics which were already in the project, however I will be making temporary graphics along the way. Once the project is farther along, I will set aside some time to finish the rest of the graphics, and do any other assets we need.

Of course, he has no commitment (I tried to pay him as we go and he said no), so this is not a promise that it will be finished, however he has already made a lot of progress.

As for the rest of work, things are slow, because you guessed it; my health still sucks and is worse every day.

In other news, lame health stuff.

I was set to get a medical procedure done that would help (or totally fix) one of the health issues I've struggled with for the past 8 years or so. However, then I got what seemed like Covid-like symptoms, and canceled. While I no longer have chills, or a fever, which I had at the time, I now have lasting respiratory problems which sometimes make it difficult to breath. I will be getting it checked out soon.

Aside from that, the procedure I was going to undergo is in a province with an extremely high number of cases, and is under heavy quarantine. Unfortunately I'm not sure that I will be getting it done in the next month due to concerns over flying, given how lax things seem to be. While it's possible I had it already (don't know, I never got tested, just stayed home for a month and a half until it went away), the fact that I have breathing problems is making me want to be extra careful, given that if I didn't have it, and I got it, I'd probably be screwed.