Thursday, July 30, 2015

Restarted poll. because I screwed up -___-

I restarted the poll, because I forgot to add one of the options (that had more votes than caster or Blaze). I switched it out with Blaze since she had the least votes in the Poll.

Another option crossed my mind for next time. (Sorry if this is getting complicated)
Do you think I should make it so the initial suggestions and poll are just for characters, but then while the poll is going I take votes on the actual scenario? (Just in the comments, not in a poll)

Or, do you think I should just take suggestions/poll for characters, and then just decide on the scenarios myself?

Week 2 Poll

I've made a poll of the top 5 voted options. --->

For suggestions that only had one vote, I just took whichever was posted first.

Also, next time I won't make a post just to say there's a poll, It will just be there a few days before each weekend.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Weekly animation Vote

Taking votes for next week's animation,

For now, the voting will be the same as last time, with only added rule being that you can't make the same request twice in a row. (you don't need to read through the last votes, if you made a request last time just don't do the same one or make it different)

As some of you suggested, near the end of the votes I'll try taking the top votes and making a poll out of them, that way it won't be so one-sided.

Here's Last week's animation: (I'll make a page for these later)

Aaaaand now for the point of contention -__-

If you've read the comments from last week's animation, you'll also see that I'm considering doing a Patreon. To clarify to those who have asked about it, this isn't really something that will be taking time away from Noaika. For reference, I spent around 1-2 hours per day on the Shantae animation, over the course of a week (It took like 5 hours total). Even if it took twice as long, it would still just be cutting into personal time, and not my actual work day.

That said, whether I do a Patreon or not I still plan on doing these animations. The only thing a patreon would do effect is the quality/resolution, given that if people are paying I'd have some responsibility to keep the quality consistent (Up to the quality of whatever examples I have by then).

If you have any suggestions for rewards or stretch goals, I'm open to ideas. However I wouldn't be doing any exclusive animations, so options are somewhat limited. The only option I've thought of so far would be to have a stretch goal for an extra animation every "second" week, which would basically look like this,

Extra animation: X
Weekly: O


In other words, have an extra animation (same quality) that's done over a longer period of time, and possibly make it so only patrons can vote on it (The rest would be open to everyone). I don't want to do more than one animation per single week, though, since then it would be a lot closer to actually interfering with Noaika, A second, lower res animation every week might be an option, but that might take a lot of my time. Dunno yet.

All that said, I still don't know if I'm even going to do one anyway. I'm going to finish the Midna animation this week, and see how I feel at the end of it. I want to confirm for sure how long it takes, but also work out if I should have voting at all, as opposed to just taking suggestions and picking whatever I like best.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Shantae animation

Well, here's the first animation. There's one mistake in particular I'm seeing now, but I'll fix that later.

I might stick it into flash later and see what I can do in terms of controlling the speed of certain parts of the animation and adding sounds. I'd use GM, but HTML5 exports seem like a huge hassle when it comes to uploading the file. However I need to use something that will let me show the result on a webpage, since putting it in an exe would be kind

Also, I'll probably go lower res than this most of the time. This animation wasn't particularly time consuming in the grand scheme of things (a bit of time every couple of days), but it's not a size I want to pull off every week, 

Next animation is going to be Midna, next Saturday. I'll probably start taking votes for next week's animation once I decide how I'll do it.

Monday, July 20, 2015

First vote results

Well, the results are in, and it's a bit stacked. Most of the other votes didn't have many backers.

The winner this time was Shantae, by a lot. Looked something like this

Hilda (pokemon): 6
Midna: 7
Shantae: 19

There was also a strong push for futa within the Shantae votes, but there were more that were in support of the initial vote. That said, the first animation will be of her. Who knows, maybe second place will get a low-res sprite?

Regardless, the sprite will be released on saturday. (The plan is to release one each saturday)

Also, a couple people suggested that I do a poll instead. Basically I'd take single suggestions like I did this time, but then put the results into a poll. You wouldn't be able to mention specifics, but you also wouldn't have to read through all the comments, and there wouldn't be a bias because of stacked options. Of course, the other options would be to just take suggestions and choose among them myself, or come up with poll options myself.

What do you think? And sorry that this is complicated as hell right now, I'm still just deciding what exactly I want this to be -__-

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Weekly Animation vote

(this week's voting is over)

Alright, I'm gonna start doing a thing. It may or may not devolve into utter chaos.

I want to start doing some weekly H-animations. Basically, they will be the sort of thing you'd see in an H-game, but stand-alone, and involving whatever characters you vote for. The resolution and style may very from week to week.

All you have to do is make a suggestion in the comments below with the following format,

"Vote: Do a scene with Midna!"

If you want to back up someone else's vote, respond to their "vote" comment.
If the vote is vague like the ones above, feel free to make suggestions about specifics, and I'll take the suggestions into consideration when deciding what to animate specifically.

"Make the scene include Midna and a monster."

At the end of the weekend, I'll go through the votes and find the one with the most responses. Of course, I realize that technically people could vote more than once, But we'll try it this way for now.

I won't animate anything with scat, piss, guro, extreme violence, or anything that I'm just not into (yaoi, for example). Since I can't exactly list everything, if there's a vote with something I dont want to animate, I'll simply respond to it with a possible alternative that comes close, and it will be up to you to make another Vote: comment.

I also decided mid-vote that it can't be my own characters. Mostly because it will be more fun to do stuff I'd never get the chance to do in a game.


Also feel free to post suggestions about how I should handle this in the future. For example, I could make it so you have to be signed in order to vote, or I could make it so only vague things can be voted for, and responses have to list details on what they want to see, preventing people from spamming responses.