Here you can see current and future projects, plans, etc. May upload screenshots and more details later.

Current Projects

Asteroids style H-game. Currently updating and preparing for sale on DLsite, and potentially Nutaku/other sites.

Patreon Animations:
Doing Patreon animations to supplement profits from sales of past games.

In-progress Projects

Mario/Sonic platformer:

Has a mostly complete engine. Has a few playable levels. Needs H animations, music, sound. Target size of game is small, complexity is low. Will probably be the next game released. Want to finish this to learn GM2


Needs music, sound, and misc animation work/polish. Also want to convert it to GM2. Waiting until I have a stable amount of money so I can finish it (which means after the above game). project size is large, complexity is high.

Miscief Makers style platformer:

Collab with another artist. Has a mostly complete engine, 70% of enemy graphics, needs level design, sound, music, and preferably redone H animations. Size is small, complexity of work remaining is low. Will work on this after Noaika is completed so that the artist can focus on it too.

Simple Castelvania platformer:

Has the majority of gameplay graphics finished, needs H animations, and some sound. Bosses. Size is small, complexity is low. Complexity is slightly higher if I decide to convert the layout into being a metreoidvania.

Umbrella girl (Maybe):

Outdated GM, coding, needs a lot of general updates.

Abandoned projects


  1. Kinda surprised you have so many on-going projects. Seems like a good idea though, gives you a chance a hop around if you got burnt out/stuck on any one particular title.

    1. Well, maybe if it worked that way it would have been beneficial.

      In reality though, it means instead of releasing a game every year until now, it's going to result in having 3-4 games that are 40-60% complete lined up. Problem is, they will all be outdated by the time I'm working on them, and more difficult than if I had simply worked on one project at a time.

      Needless to say, "I'm going to take a break with a smaller project" is not something I should ever be caught saying again.

  2. Replies
    1. That's because it was added around the same time that Asters was released. lol

  3. Nice. I'm liking the screen shots. Wasn't expecting to see some for the abandoned projects. Really liking the look of the Castlevania one, should definitely keep it linear though. No need to make it more complicated.

  4. The sonic/mario AND the mischief makers platformers are something I'd like to see, even if its not for a while. I know there are a lot of things that might be getting in your way from time to time, or you just get burnt out, but maybe set smaller goals inside of the bigger goal of completing the game to give you some sense of small accomplishment without an eternal grind for it, I'll be glad to know your still at least working on the games, even if it is at a rather slow pace. i believe in you.

    1. Well, it's looking like the Mario/sonic style one will probably be released next, then Noaika.

    2. I'm in favor of that plan. The Mario/Sonic game is what you were working on before releasing Aster, so it may be the easiest to return to and finish.

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  6. Whenever you find your groove you'll start to kill it. I would really love to see the Umbrella Girl or Martial Arts games, but that seems unlikely. It would be cool to play them even if they are unfinished or have no H animations.

    1. Well, Umbrella doesn't have full levels, but it has a demo's worth of engine and a lot of enemies and graphics. That said, I may just take all the graphics into GM2 and start the programming from scratch, if/when I pick it up again.

      The martial arts game on the other hand only really had some player control and animation, and a couple enemy animations/tilesets and effects, etc. I was still using GM's sprite editor at that point, so I got burnt out really fast with the high resolution. If I ever did anything with that, it would pretty much just be using the player sprites.

  7. It`s nice seeing all these. It always sucks when a project isn`t finished but it`s really nice to see when people share what they were working on instead of letting them just fade out. It`s crazy how nice the enviroments/background you make look, though. I hope you current/future projects go well.