Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Progress, looking for an artist,

Well then, progress report.

Things are going slow, as usual. The programming is easy because it's mostly a bunch of copying and pasting of stuff I already finished in the beginning as a template, so it really just comes down to finishing all the graphics. In other words, it will be done when it's done, and when it is I'll be happy that I can finally work on something else... (again, as usual.)

The biggest difference this time around has been that I had no issues planning out the game. Hopefully next time the planning will be easy and it will be something I'm a bit more enthusiastic about. (This will certainly be the last linear and low-res game I ever make.)

Looking for a pixel artist for H animations

I won't be working with a full team until I've finished a few games by myself. However there is one aspect of development I'd like to have covered by somebody else once I start my next game. H-animations. Specifically, any in-game adult content. (Not CGs, just pixel art)

It's more or less the one aspect of developing H game's that I'm rarely enthusiastic about, and most often procrastinate over. I need to find an artist who can put more time and effort into the adult content than I would, so that there's more variety and detail. I figure the content would be much better off if someone who enjoyed making it was responsible for it, rather than just trying to work economically myself.

So, if you think you can match or exceed my skill level in pixel art, then email me at the following address with some examples of your work, and a rundown of what your skills are, etc.

The pay would be weekly based on the number of hours you worked, starting at $20 per hour, and then moving up from that rate based on the quality of the work and how fast you are. (for instance if the quality was good and you finished everything quickly, then it could be as high as $30-40 per hour to make up for it)

I'll be starting my next game in the next two months or so, so just keep in mind that you wouldn't be starting immediately. However, once I start I can pretty much guarantee enough work for it to be a full time job.

Edit: For now, I've found an artist. On the following game I may hire more.

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