Friday, July 1, 2016

Any Kurovadis and Eroico revison requests?

Manga Gamer and Nutaku want to sell Kurovadis and Eroico, so I took it as a chance to fix some of the game's long standing problems. Eroico's CGs have been revised, and Kurovadis is getting redone pixel art CGs. There are also some things I know I'll change for certain;

Both games:
Updated control code (The root of some keyboard problems)
Vibration function (and the ability to disable it)
Cheats/speed run tools (Such as restarting rooms)
Add at least 1-2 new instances of H-content.
Removal of overture interactive screen (Who the hell is that? I'm just Kyrieru)

Add options screen
Add CG and sprite gallery
Change the way starting a new game and loading works (it's easy to erase your game by mistake)
Fix a couple jumps
Menu glitch (extra slot)
Add "level up" or "Press start to level up" text to teach player about menu screen.
Balance changes (Succubus boss)

Add powerup in first level (sword wave) to other levels (I forgot about it at the time.)
Make changes to final boss fight? (Add alternative damage methods, teach player about mechanic earlier in the level)
possibly add Infinite health in "animation viewer" rooms.
Give Hud eyebrows.
Make hud change expressions? (The sprites were always there, but un-implemented)

I'm going to be doing a short runthrough of each game to determine what else should be changed. However, if there are any mistakes in the game that you can think of, or things that annoyed you about the games, then now is the time to mention them. Some changes will take very little time, especially if I've already done it other games since then (such as Noaika), so feel free to mention something, even if you think it's unlikely.