Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Early GM2 template

I've said before that I want to do a GM template at some point, one that beginners with GM can use.

While this doesn't contain much yet, I figured I'd post it here anyway, since I happened to make a quick version for someone else. This doesn't contain what someone would need to make an entire game, obviously, but some people might find parts of it useful.


This contains
- Tile collisions
- A basic camera system with limiters
- Gamepad support
- Scripts for checking controls and collisions.
- Basic state system

It's rough around the edges since it's derived from the game I'm working on, so there's some stuff that isn't too clean, at the moment.

Anything in the project with blue icons represents files that I will update/add functions to later,
The goal being that the template could be updated without breaking a game project so long as game-specific code is not added to those files. The template could be updated by simply dragging the update into the GM project folder.

This isn't something I'm working on every day, but I want to add stuff to it every so often. Initially I will be refining how the system should work as a whole (since I want to be able to use it myself as a base for games later), but later I also plan on adding templates for things like the player and enemies. The end goal would be the ability to make a game without programming, for artists who just want to make graphics and design levels, while still having a system that programmers can modify to save some time.

I'm open to any suggestions, as far as adding stuff or how it should look from a usability standpoint goes. Will be a while before it can be used for anything by non programmers in a plug and play fashion, though.