Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Two monthes,

No I aint dead -__-

Anyhow, I finished two animations this month, putting me ahead of the usual paycheck to paycheck routine; So, I'll be spending the next two months working on one of the small games.

If I can finish and release that, then I'll be putting patreon animations aside more or less forever, and keep it more as an occasional thing.

My only goal right now is to have a clean slate, so that I can work on Noaika without making dumb financial compromises in the mean time. If I finish the first small project and it makes enough money, then I'll go straight to finishing Noaika, but if it doesn't then I'll finish one of the other small projects. I especially want to hire some musicians (know any violinists or flutists?) to play instruments for some songs, and potentially pay for CGs of all the enemies. Regardless of if I have a lot of money to work on it, the bulk of my time finishing Noaika will be working on the soundtrack and sound design.

I don't know where the re-releases of Kurovadis or Eroico will fit into any of this.
As far as Eroico is concerned, I may just put in the edited CGs and leave it at that, since it feels a little pointless to spend too much time on it. Changing such an old game takes almost as much time as working on a new one so it's probably better to focus on new stuff, as people have said.

Anyhow, that's about it.
Buy lumbar support for your chairs folks.