Sunday, April 14, 2019

This month

Some status updates.

Had a medical  procedure done at the beginning of this month that took me out of commission. If you've tried to contact me in that time and I haven't responded, I apologize. I'll be going back over messages and such. 

I'll be moving near the end of this month, so once I'm able to move around more (hopefully in a few days), most of my time is probably going to be taken up with packing, so it's unlikely any work is going to get done this month.

FetchApp stopped accepting my (still functional) credit card for some reason, so the games can't be purchased on my site at the moment. I'll be contacting my bank to see what's up and get that sorted out soon.


  1. Hope the procedure was helpful and that recovery's going well.

  2. Hopefully, the procedure hasn't done anything too bad to you. You're awesome for having powered through it like you did. Don't push yourself though.

    That being said, I can't wait for this game to become the Dead Cells of H-Games.

  3. Hope everything goes smoothly. Keep us posted at least on twitter to let us know how things are personally running if you want and it'll be good to know your still kicking at least. :P

  4. Don´t worry! We Love you for your awesome Work! And we know waiting for you will be definitely worth it! Don´t overdo yourself though! Take care of yourself first! ^_^

  5. Yo!

    I don't post here much, or ever. But I keep a fairly frequent eye on your work and wanted to just pop in and say that the things you produce are top-tier. Keep up your work and don't be disheartened if progress seems slow. You have a great deal of talent and should be proud of it.

    And don't break yourself for others. Stay healthy first.