Sunday, May 5, 2013

Status update, concept for next game.

Updated Demo(V10)
Putlocker link

In terms of length, I'd say Eroico is shorter than Kurovadis. However it has more CGs, 15 to Kurovadis's 9. There are a total of 3 levels, and 15 enemies with animations. Use that to consider if you feel like buying it or not, but also keep in mind that it will be funding the next game, as usual (I won't be using offbeatr, for now).

Buy the full version
(Make sure you download the updated demo first, since it's required anyway, what you're buying is an unlock file)


Status update

I've more or less been taking a break for the past few days. And by taking a break I mean casually fixing bugs and implementing the "gallery" for enemies, which I finished today. (rather than working all day like a maniac). The game will be uploaded to DLsite after I finish fixing a few more bugs.

Next game

I've also been thinking quite a bit about the next game, things like the theme, and general gameplay. Nothing is really all that certain at the moment, but I can say that I want to take a step towards making something more complicated. Or at the very least, something different. Though still practical, if I can manage it.

Some things I'll get out of the way about the new game, before I begin,

1. It will be sci-fi themed.
2. It will have a female protagonist.
3. It will be an action platformer Metroidvania.

The concept I've been juggling in my head goes something like this, (without spoiling the plot I have in mind)

You are on a foreign world, which is inhabited by monsters and beasts of various kinds, ranging from biological horrors to local (but alien) wildlife. Aside from basic stats, your advancement focuses on two things that are central to gameplay,

1. The first is technology, such as guns, traps, jet boosters, etc, which are created using parts you find in the world.
2. The second are biological enhancements and skills, such as health regeneration or special powers, which you gain by studying/learning from enemies,

To study enemies, first you have to capture them through various means, putting them into a designated area for containment. However you also have to make them happy, and keep them alive over time to learn more. There are a number of basic ways to keep them happy, but needless to say, some of them don't mind "alternative" means.

Among the basic methods of keeping the creatures happy is feeding them the correct foods or giving them certain items, which you can find scattered across the world, by killing enemies, harvesting plants which appear at random in certain areas, or fishing. 

The game would work on a day cycle, with the state of each area changing daily, switching enemy locations and randomizing things like plants, or other useful items.

In addition to the changing environment (exploration areas), which would be based more on advancement and acquiring items, there would be other more important areas which do not change, which would fill the role of more traditionally designed levels. These levels would be the primary reason for advancing your character and acquiring certain technology, as they must be overcome to unlock new areas. The basic layout and game flow would be like this,

Notice how I didn't spell challenge correctly. Not once.

You have a base of operations, where you begin each day, and keep contained creatures (home). From there, you enter exploration areas, where you find parts and items. Once you have the necessary technology, such as a weapon, you would hunt down enemies you are strong enough to defeat, or have the necessary items to capture.

The day ends after a given amount of time. Areas are randomized again.

You begin a new day, and start at home. First you try feeding the creatures, or try something else entirely. You once again begin exploring, and discovering new areas and technology, becoming stronger, possibly farming certain items each day in order to level up creatures or make healing items.

Finally, you learn an ability from a monster or gain technology which gives you access to a large important area, or a small area with a significant challange. At the end of the important area, you find an item that gives you access to higher level exploration areas, which in turn gives you access to more parts, items, and enemies to capture. You would be advancing in every regard, by the end of each day.


Being more complicated, there are some considerations I may have to make in order to make it more practical. Here are some things I would want to include, but would probably leave to a sequel.

1. No day night cycle. There would simply be an "end of day", and the character sleeps at night.
2. Only certain creatures could be captured, not all of them.
3. Creatures would only have one enhancement each, and the happiness level would increase it's effectiveness, rather than giving new enhancements. The nature of the creature's happiness could effect the enhancement, but might be better left out.
4. Could only save at the beginning of each day, so that harvested items and locations don't need to be saved. (thousands of variables)

5. Possibly leave out leveling up, leaving progression to technology and enhancements instead,
6. Each enemy merely needs to be defeated and captured with a certain kind of trap, rather than having unique circumstances for each.

Anyhow, that's enough brainstorming for now. I've gotta get back to fixing bugs.


  1. Holy crap, I'm REALLY liking that idea. I love powering up and stuff, and the whole capturing monsters thing sounds like a cool way to do it. Really ambitious, but if you could pull it off, it would totally be an awesome thing. ^-^

  2. Is this going to be another silent play-through meaning no dialogue or narration on your next game?

    This sounds bigger then your previous games, I hope you don't stress yourself too hard for taking on a big project! Good luck, Kyreiru you'll need it. :)

  3. woaaah this sounds pretty dang well great!
    Although I hope gathering materials never feels like mindless grinding.
    I do like the idea of capturing creatures and studying them, it seems pretty fun. Especially if figuring out the right way to capture creatures is challenging but logical, like a good puzzle. But I do hope that the game world has a sense of danger still even though you can capture creatures. Since that was something I liked a lot about Kurovadis, which worked well with uh well all the raping. About taking care of the creatures,I do hope that you don't mean having sex with them as "alternative" methods. It won't break the game for me but I personally don't find consensual beastiality that attractive.
    Anyways this looks great so far, love the look the heroine has!

  4. The general concept reminds me a lot of Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow. Capturing the monsters feel very much like the soul collection system from that game, but perhaps even more grindy then farming the enemies over and over again hoping that they drop the soul you need. At the same time, it is possible that it could be less grindy if you do it right.

    I don't know about having a day night cycle thing, or even having day ends if the player has to travel between the locations manually and returns to a base at the end of this. If you are going to have that system, I think a level selection system would probably be better then metroidvania style exploration.

    If the base where portable in some way, and you could only place it in special places (save points?) this wouldn't be an issue. Going inside the base could also be a good time to trigger the randomizations.

  5. The only thing that I'm fearful of is the possibility of grinding (no, not the sex thing. That s*** is awesome) The harvest for materials SOUNDS like an interesting concept, but it could get really boring if you just have to farm the same area over and over. Your games have what most H games don't; The incentive to win. There's an actual challenge, without it being retardedly hard, or horribly designed. The h stuff in your games feels like it's a part of the gameplay. It makes for a really fun game. When I win, I feel like a boss, and when I lose, I get awesome porn. It's a win/win. Also, I personally preferred kuro, mainly for the freedom of movement. I love that in a game. TL;DR Do your thing, make another awesome game, and please bring wall jumping back. I seriously love wall jumping. Anon out!

  6. IS this game going to be more dark, like Kurovadis, or light, like Eroico? I'm assuming the former because of the whole getting raped by aliens and actual monsters (instead of humanized ones) but to be honest I liked the colour scheme of Eroico a lot more.

    Also, this game sounds like it is gonna have a lot put into it. Is it going to be fast paced, or more methodical with having to use certain weapons on certain enemies and such?

    All in all I'm looking forward to it!

    1. More like Kurovadis through and through, I hope. I loved the oppressive alien atmosphere.

      The way you describe this brainstorm reminds me a bit of the game Flashback on SNES. That kind of 'Alien jungle' atmosphere.

      Still oppressive and very dark.

      The concept sounds -amazing-, and my money is waiting for you upon completion. :D

  7. Sounds complex alright...

    The concept of the randomly changing exploration area(s) is good but I hope it isn't too complex that you overwork yourself with it.

    After capturing an enemy, do they automatically go to the base or do you have to transport them there manually? Is there a possibility of them escaping?

    Consideration 1: I think it would be easier to keep it as a daytime only kind of thing since changing the areas for different time periods looks like a lot of work... though the thought of the protagonist getting attacked at night is tempting...

    Consideration 2: Should be a given really unless you want catch-able bosses.

    Consideration 3: Might be simpler to keep track of than a bunch of skills that do the same things except slightly better.

    Consideration 4: If it is easier for you go ahead but I'd hate to lose all the hard earned harvests if I happen to die... then again, that would increase the challange.

    Consideration 5: That sounds like a good idea actually. Samus in Metroid didn't level up and gain stats, she just got more power-ups so this would make it similar to that I guess.

    Consideration 6: Once again, it would probably be easier for you this way.

    This looks very promising but I CAN wait for it so rest up a bit, you just finished one game already.

  8. Looking forward to the next game. As one of the ever hungry masses, I DEMAND MORE!!! Seriously keep up the good work.

    The randomizing element sounds interesting. This is mainly for the fact I would actually feel like replaying the game. As awesome as your games are, I only feel the need to play through it once. I try to see all the naughty bits, and then carry on to FTL or Minecraft. This would make it a reason to keep playing your game.

    It was mentioned in previous posts that this project will be your first with a team, correct? I hope the team that you have works well.
    , but most importantly, I hope you all have fun.

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  10. Explained it sounds really complex, I have faith that you'll be able to make it entertaining.

    Still I was looking forward for a Kurovadis II, but I can understand that it could be boring for the one implementing it.

  11. This sounds quite exciting. Can't wait to see what comes out of it!

    In the meantime I'll keep trying to get past the first friggin checkpoint in Eroico :D

  12. Ah...this already sounds awesome. Here's a buyer.

    Anyway, 4 and 5 sound good.
    As far as nighttime goes...I'd say do a little of both. Put in a sleep option, but allow the player to explore at night, but make more dangerous monsters (and plants, robots, ect?) appear at night.

  13. Have you thought about having HUGE bosses like in Metroid that are possibly 10x bigger than the protagonist?

  14. great concept there,although i wouldnt mind if it's a male protagonist capturing female monster and make them happy(a little similar to eroico),the moment you mention exotic jungle hunting reminds me of dino crisis enviroment,looking forward to your next game^^

    1. Now that you've said that, she looks like a cross between Regina and Rebecca from RE1/0...

  15. Well it certainly has my attention. Personally the thought of grinding out an area doesn't sound as bad as some may make it assuming the day is always a success. In a MMO grinding is never a guarantee, you can run through a dungeon 100 times and never get the armor or item you want. In a game like this however, If I go into a zone and clear it out 100% I would hope I would come out with at least 1 of the key items I came for, if not more.

    The though of capturing and raising them over a period of days is a great one, it actually adds some depth and reason to take the game slow. Don't expect to master and be done within an hour. Which is something I would love to see from you and I feel you can do it. Making a H-game that actually feels like a full fleshed out game people play to simply enjoy but also has the X-rated material we all originally came for. Can't say I have seen any others who i think could pull it off.

    1. Thought*

      Also side note, you seem to have a thing for red-heads don't ya? xD

  16. I do hope those pics are a hint that you're thinking of destructible clothing for this one. That girl running around in just her panties is just as it should be!

    Umm, oh, and I had a thought about the homebase. I think it'd be fair if that's raided occasionally by hordes of monsters, that will come wreck the cages and release your pets. If you're good enough, you may be able to fight them off, or you just have to run for it. If you come back, there may be tamed creatures you can capture again, or whatever. I don't like the idea of homebase being a completely safe place. There should be danger (and excitement).

    Also, if the game is more intricate, you should set the price to $10 or so. It'll probably be worth double what Eroico was.

    Do you mock up a prototype of your games to see if the general idea works before going ahead with the artwork?

  17. While we are talking about the future, since you are making a living from games mixing high quality with low prices (and I hope that this mixture worked also for Eroico), won't you consider "optimizing" the process.

    I believe that many of your followers will gladly pay from 1$ to 5$ for add-ons or expansions (I refuse to call them DLC) for your previous games.

    Like new levels for Kurovadis or new enemies with new arts on the existing Kurovadis map.

    Obviously it's not something you could abuse, and it is based on the assumption that most of the developing time was on the engine and not on the level/character design.

  18. Very good news for ur next game, it's ambitious. Kurovadis II is the next game?

  19. It seems that this one will take much more time thank the last two as such I am expecting an increase in the amount that the game will cost, as they say 'Time is money'
    However I would like to put forward the fact that the concept of paying more is not exactly unappealing as the prices for your past two games were more than acceptable.

    As for the game concept I must say I like the sound of it also just out of general interest will you be using a second artist in this project? I'm just interested in the development process is all.

  20. Nah, the price will still be $5. It will also take less time than Eroico because I won't be slacking off so much.

    As for a second artist, I will be, sort of. He'll only be doing minor tileset work, though.

    1. From the way it sounds in the concept, it would easily be possible to add expansions to the game just by adding more creatures and areas over time. You could incorporate creatures from your other games, having a kind of hub world to display all the animations and artwork, without taking them out of context. You could even go so far as to make the game mod-able like this, multiplying the value of the game.

      If the number and quality of each expansion were equal to one of your regular games, I'd be more than happy paying five dollars each. And then you'd be saving time and making money since the main game would already be built.

  21. The idea sounds great. Open-world sand-boxy h-game? That's a new one. And I think that it could even have a lot of room for expansion even after the game is done, since the nature of these kinds of games allows for new challenges, monsters, etc.

    Things I would keep in mind:

    a) Some people love grinding, while others despise it. While I belive there're people who're neutral towards it, I think that the... "alternatives" to keep them well fed and happy should be equally effective given the same amount of time.

    b) If you're going to... "alternatively" keep the creatures happy, each one should have an array of possible... "courses of action", so to speak. Simply have an array of possible ways for them to "interact", and pick one at random.
    Also, it could work as a simple minigame (Maybe press the arrow keys in the right order when prompted?).

    c) Since you now have an artist... What about working with "paper-dolling"? So, the base sprite of the main character is naked, and there would be other spritesets that would just be the clothing, and you paste it on top when it's appropiate. This would be an easy way to work with "battle damage" or to take advantage of the sprites you already made so you can recycle some of them in the H-Scenes.
    Though somehow I think that doing it like in Kurovadis, where those scenes are custom made, would work best. Still, it's a posibility.

    And... That's all I have! They're not great ideas, but it's good to run through the bad ideas too: It helps you to find the good ones :3

    1. You're right. They're not great ideas. They're FANTASTIC ideas. I love the way you think, and I hope Kyrie takes note :D

  22. I like the idea of capturing monsters, but i'd like the addition of the monsters capturing the protagonist; whether that's though implied cg or short sprite animation sequence(i much prefer sprite sex). If the backstory remains as protag landing on new world with loads of dangerous monsters, there should be a large amount of danger of being raped in capturing monsters and just travelling around ( also adding the need to make rape affect something about the character unilke eroico, maybe by draining amount of time or chance of taking something from the char or adding a vulnerability). Could maybe even add a kind of second chance system like in wolfenstahl, where the protag could escape from captivity after being held in a room. All i'm saying adds up to the need to express the peril of the situation as well as it being fun, if you can balance that along with the inevitably good mechanics and intelligent level design then it sounds like it could be a great game. It sounds like you want to make a new type of game and i think this one sounds like a great concept, you already have good mechanics and good controls so i think you can pull this off quite easily. Keep up the good work

  23. for the love of god i cannot beat that platform shit in level 2 where you attack the cube to jump up.nerd rage >:| god damnit i suck at that kind of shit..spent an hour before i just gave there anyway to make that shit less of a pain?i really am quite terrible at timing the attacks and when i do manage to swing my damn weapon sometimes it right out misses and i fall to the bottom of this pit and gotta start all over again :| any help would be kindly appreciated!

    1. It's a lot of trial and error. Also, upgrading your sword increases its range, making it a lot easier. Also, if you hold down and attack while you're midair, you'll do a downward slash. Try just bouncing on 1 cube for a while with the downward slash, then move on to other cubes. I also raged hard on those parts, but after a while it became easy. Don't give up!

    2. thank you very much your idea sounds like a winner! im going to try that!

    3. yup your method got me past the point finally! ty anon much appreciate stress=relieved!

  24. So we're going to see a good-looking girl get her internal organs ravaged by biological horrors?

    I'd love to write a treatise on the psychology that allows all of you to find that a turn-on.

    1. be my guest :)

    2. well how about pets needs nutriments or sometimes just the protagonist just need to interact with the pet to keep it alive.
      well monsters can also feed on pee aka you can make a toilet out of one of your pets.
      pets replacing some of the everyday items that the protagonist uses that's a full win for sure.

    3. also as for level design keep it somewhat real,
      aka i go underground(aka down)i don't want to see the sky all of a sudden(unless its artificial).
      how about unique CG for special areas like in the dark or having some of the areas have aphrodisiac spores in the air.
      (like the heated areas in metroid)
      as for being under attack from monsters,
      i'd say keep it to the start of the day.
      and for status aliments how about taking a page to rpg's ?
      poison,paralysis,etc.(even one specially for this game)
      well that's my ideas to refine your game.

  25. Well, I loved Kurovadis like a bunch of other people, and will more than likely buy this after I get off work tonight. The demo was indeed fun, and I liked the CGs on it, so I'll more than likely be buying, and maybe donating later tonight.

    The one in the works sounds like it'd be fun too, with the non-leveling up, but rather with the equipment level ups.

  26. I don't know if I like the idea of sexing up the captured animals for their benefit. I don't think compassion has a place in these kind of games. However, maybe you can spin it another way... You can enter the cage (to feed them, check on progress, etc) and they might attack you similar to when in the wild. You could continue to keep these beasts in storage to act as a sort of "gallery" of h-events.

    An idea on the capture system... perhaps to finish a capture you would need to perform a melee or grab-like action. This makes us get up close and personal with the beasts and promotes more h-events.

    1. Seeing as he is going Sci-fi with it I would assume he would introduce stuff like a Tranq gun to help capture monsters, perhaps crafted or made by combining different plants to make the ammo. Then again guess no one really knows lol.

    2. kyrieru has an unique hit in his hands if it makes it good its gonna be one of its best works i've seen,no kidding integrating a clothing,weapon crafing,etc. into the game would make it a Best buy and a 60$ game for the price of 5 $.
      im in, take my money !

  27. I personally LOVE the idea of a day night cycle, because it could introduce sneakier, more dangerous enemies that would come get you in the night, thus making it really feel like a dangerous place. While, in theory, you could go out in night, it would be harder. Also, from an aesthetic standpoint, I like the idea of dynamic clothing. For example, after being raped, the heroine might have to walk around nude. This could also integrate with the harvest system, having clothing being lost/destroyed, and having to get materials to make new sets, being stuck without clothing all the while. I think things like that would help with the environment. Also, something I like about your art style (Ingame) is that it's not overly complicated. The pixel art really brings a feel to the game that I'm not sure that any other art style could. Love your stuff, good luck with the production! Also, keep it dark <3

  28. THANK YOU for not making it a generic metroidvania platformer. I think these RPG sort of elements for this type of game will be a lot of fun, allows for great replay ability, and will pad out the length in a non-annoying not-too-grindy way if done right. This gameplay concept alone is your best one yet, and you're onto something great with this one.

    1. oh yeah great mix if you do it right you could setup some kind of system for extra clothes and weapons(sometimes you need big guns to take down an infested area with a boss)
      oh god i think i got an idea instead of random locked doors how about bosses that cover the door you're trying to access around the whole place.
      and not only that bosses would literally ''Control'' an area and with the status effects from rpg's this would make it a challenge(don't make it annoying tho).
      and an boss idea a master computer with the ability to know the human gnome(thus be able to command and affect you many ways)and pretty much use you as a guinea pig in game overs.

    2. as for extra clothes and weapons how about taking some of the stuff from kurovadis and Eroico and add it as a post game reward ?

  29. Kinda reminds me of Mega Man Zero with the base and feeding element.

  30. Frankly, I don't like the idea. I'd prefer something more streamlined and less gimmicky, like you've been doing so far. I'd rather have a linear platformer with branching paths like Rondo of Blood or something more arcadey (a la Strider, with no RPG elements at all) than what you've proposed (I particularly dislike random elements, and I don't care about the pet monsters either), but it's your decision. Even though I don't like these ideas I've liked your games so far so maybe you will be able to pull something interesting with them after all.

  31. Spelling "challenge" like a boss.

    More seriously, I want to echo the stuff said above about not making the game too grindy and ensuring at least a minimum level of pay-off for every day.

    How big is this game going to be, anyway? Your ideas sound nice and all but I, at least, am not getting any sense of scale whatsoever from the post.

    1. I, too, am interested in the scale of the game. Will it be the kind of game where you stay on the same save file, solving puzzles, getting upgrades, and beating bosses, spending hours and hours and hours to complete the game, messing around the whole time trying to collect all the CGs, and get the shiniest weapons, just because you can...
      Or, will it be the kind of game where you'll see videos of people doing speed runs in under an hour, getting the bare minimum in stats/equipment and beating all the bosses in quick succession?
      Either way, I'm quite excited for the new game. Personally, I'd love to see the former, as most both Kurovadis and Eroico have been sweet, but kinda short. Sure, I spent an hour or two beating Kurovadis, and I've spent about as much time playing through Eroico multiple times. I'd love to see a sandbox-style game, where, like skyrim, even after you beat the main storyline, you can still explore the world freely.
      Happy gamemaking :D

  32. Sounds like a pretty sweet concept to me. Looking forward to it.
    Keep it up!

  33. This depends on how much time you plan on giving this game, but expanding on someone else's idea...

    Rather than game overs, after being 'beaten', the player could wake up in a 'nest' room and have a chance to escape (if they're careful).

  34. Wow, sounds ambitious, very promising. Must also say that I love the design of the heroine!

  35. I seem to be having some issues with the v4 download. It will barf up this error:

    ERROR in
    action number 11
    of End Step Event
    for object mummy_ob:

    Error opening file for writing.

    -with almost no warning where or when, but it's done such for nearly every enemy type, in standard play and the pixel-art rooms, always the same action number.

  36. I'd definitely love to see a little actual plot and/or dialogue. Kurovadis and Eroico were lovely, but it's nice when there's just a sliver more "meaning" to what's going on.

  37. how about a reoccurring boss that is a purple talking octopus named Ultros XD
    google it

  38. I pray that you go through with this idea.
    All your previous concepts were great. (Ghost catching girl, open adventure game, breeding game, that 3D experiment engine thing.)

    Issue is that you bail halfway through.
    Hope this doesn't suffer the same fate and that you revist those past concepts down the road.

    1. Well...besides the 3D engine, it looks like this game will be putting all of those ideas together :D

  39. I`m glad to play your game. I like your game.
    I look forwad to and cheer your Next game.
    (I use and understand English wel...)

    1. Thanks, I appreciate it ^_^

      Also, it's always cool to see fanart. (especially when the artists are even better than me, haha..)

  40. Hm. I like the idea of a more dangerous night.

    May I also suggest variations on how you lose?

    Every time you lose all your health, you lose a piece of clothing and the health-gauge goes back up, fully if it's a small-numbers thing, partially if it's big-numbers. Once they're all lost, it's rape time whenever you run out of HP.

    Small, weak, common enemies just fuck you and waste some time (you might consider the full game-over for this game to be time-based, no game over until time is up and then you lose. Base has only so much power, once it's gone you have no place to sleep and you can't power up your equips anymore, so you're left as rape-bait or something.) while intermediate enemies take more time and maybe apply status effects (like pregnancy maybe) and the bosses might hold onto you long enough to breed you several times, possibly even causing your captured monsters to get angry at your absence and escape! This will usually be followed by a Ragequit. Varying level of resources lost when raped is a point too.

    Keeping your clothes on would be essential to not getting fucked over, so those might be considered your real health-gauge. Requiring clothing to be completely gone to be raped works other ways too. Wouldn't have to include an animation-set for each set of clothes for each monster, and if you include the option to go out nude, those interested in just fucking around don't have to go lose all of it before they can get to the fucking. Nudity might aid in capturing monsters too. If you want to include some outfits to get fucked in, you might make some outfits defense and some 'enticement' that you can get raped in without losing them. They could also apply extra help to captures.

    Of course, with a game this complex, you might want to include a sandbox mode once the game's complete. No time limit, all your clothing sets are available whenever you're at your base, monsters won't escape, etc.

    And I'm just throwing shit out here, feel free to ignore or take any suggestions.

  41. Great work, we would love to see the animations going and going. Alternative stances would be a great idea too, keep it up!