Monday, May 6, 2013

Eroico Gallery update (V7)

Down temporarily, fixing bugs -____-

Updated Demo(V7)
Putlocker link

In terms of length, Eroico is shorter than Kurovadis. However it has more CGs, 15 to Kurovadis's 9. There are a total of 3 levels, and 15 enemies with animations. Use that to consider if you feel like buying it or not, but also keep in mind that it will be funding the next game, as usual.

Buy the full version
(Make sure you download the updated demo first, since it's required anyway, what you're buying is an unlock file)

I really messed up V4, so hopefully I fixed the problem in this version. If you downloaded V4 and lost progress, simply go into the prog.dll file with a text editor and set all the 0's to 1's.


  1. Looks good, no issues on my part here. Did have an error pop up however I just clicked ignore and it fixed itself with no issues.

    1. *Had the error pop up after I selected quit after recollecting all 12 CGs.

    2. What did the error say?

      I can't seem to get it.

    3. ERROR in
      action number 1
      of Trigger Event: press_start
      for object gallery_menu_ob:

      Error opening file for writing.

      I got this error on the vampire both times. I just tried it on the catgirl and no issue. With the vampire I "die" and let the animation proceed, skip to CG and quit. The above is the result I get.