Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Bug fixing..


Basically, when I added the gallery to the latest version (V4-V7), a lot of bugs started popping up that I didn't notice. Bugs I can't really sell the game with. The problem is that of the two error messages that have been reported so far, I can't reproduce either of them.

So, I have a favour to ask of those who have already purchased the game, if you'd like to help me out.

Gallery version test

Download this version, and either do a run-through from scratch or just use it with a previous save and tell me what bugs you encounter. Any error messages, and especially CG or enemy gallery progress being reset (As you encounter enemies, they should appear in the enemy gallery room). Some errors may occur by restarting the game. (Note that you can also change your progress through editing the prog.dll file)

Hopefully I can fix these issues soon and release it on DLsite sometime tomorrow, so I can finally be done with Eroico and start the next game.

Buying the game
If you don't care about the enemy gallery (the CG gallery is still there) and want to buy the full game before I finish these bug fixes, you can go back a few posts to V3, which doesn't have the bugs I'm referring to here.


  1. So far I've gone as far as the second level checkpoint. As of yet, I have not encountered any of those bugs that have resulted in crashes. I have gotten the game over screen for each enemy up until this point in the gallery twice, after each I've both continued, and exited.

    Here is a report of other things I've noticed while testing:
    -Catgirls are always unlocked in the enemy gallery, this may be intentional.
    -Fairies and harpies do not drop sparkles on death.
    -While health and weapon/magic upgrades are disabled in the gallery, your damage taken rate is constant with whatever difficulty you were previously playing on. In normal mode, this makes it take quite a while to die to the enemies.
    -The lack of music in the general gallery is somewhat disappointing.
    -The siren's song only does 1/8 damage on hard mode. Contact with the siren still gives 1/4 damage.

    1. Report continued:
      -The minotaurs (I called them Minotauras in my fic) will not cause contact damage to the PC while their axe is raised before they attack.
      -The mummies can often be walked right throw without damage. Sometimes they will hurt you if you touch them, but I'm not sure if this is part of their attack or not.
      -If you kill a boss in the gallery, the boss music keeps playing.

    2. Report continued:
      -witches do not drop sparkles on death
      -like the minotaurs, witches do not hurt the PC on contact while they're winding up for their attacks.
      -the vampire bite does causes only 1/8 damage on hard mode, the struggle meter also sometimes comes up when you're hit by that move even though it has no effect.
      -I never noticed that nice breast bounce animation that the lizard girls have in game. I only became aware it was even there during the game's ending. This is a bit of a shame, but isn't anything that necessarily needs to be changed.

      Onto what you're mainly concerned about. I was able to unlock all animations fine, and was able to leave the gallery or continue playing without any issues after viewing all of the CGs in there.

    3. Oh, if this matters, this is using a game that went from version 3 to 7. I used my old save and config files. I did not lose any CG images during this test.

    4. nice job mister dark master! keep kyrieru well-formed!

    5. Thanks for the bug reports, I appreciate it.

  2. far as i can tell Dark Master has covered everything

  3. Couldn't get past the first level yet because I suck that much at video games, but noticed some stuff anyway :

    - Sometimes, the screen goes black for half a second. it's very rare and not a problem, but still exists.
    - Sometimes, the frame rate can drop for a few seconds near the beginning of the level. Happened to me first after 15 minutes I would say. It goes away quickly so it doesn't cause much trouble.
    - If you don't have any existing save and choose continue, it seems to throw you into the first level without allowing you to choose your difficulty level. I have no idea which difficulty level it chooses for you. One that managed to keep me stuck in the first level for around an hour, so I hope it isn't easy mode!
    - The gallery for the enemies seems to unlock all of the enemies of the choosen level at once. Never encountered fairies yet, and they were in the enemies gallery anyway.

  4. Did some tests to provide more information about what I exposed above.
    So, when you select continue without any preexisting save, the game throws you straight into hard mode and also doesn't let you disable adult content.
    And you don't actually have all the enemies of the first level unlocked in the enemy gallery at once since the plant-tans only appeared once I had encountered them. I still have no idea why the fairies where in there before I ever saw any in game though.

  5. i noticed the game ran slower than usual. (could just be me) and also had this http://i.imgur.com/YhWu39M.png happen when i beat the game and when i tried to pick something a glitched version of the game over screen popped up

    1. Can't reproduce it, but I did something to try and fix it.

  6. Hey dude. A friendly from ULMF here.

    I came across two crashes: Both the Gargoyle and the genie cause the game to lag pretty hard, and if they aren't killed right away, it crashes. Gargoyle was

    ERROR in
    action number 11
    of End Step Event
    for object gargoyle_ob:

    Error opening file for writing.

    This happened during her hover animation. Went she attacked, it sped up again.

    Genie was

    ERROR in
    action number 1
    of End Step Event
    for object genie_float_ob:

    Error opening file for writing.

    This also happened during her hover animation. My conclusion is that you used the same animation for both.

    Hope this helps.

  7. I have varying issues with all scaling options for windowed mode whenever the game over screen comes up.
    1x: goes into 3x
    2x: the center point of the window moves into the top left corner of my screen and is obscenely large. I'm thinking the size of my native resolution
    3x: same as 2x except the size stays as 3x
    They all revert back to normal after the game over screen. If it matters my resolution is 1680x1050.

    Also there aren't any walls to block the player from the left side of the heart piece that requires a switch to obtain.
    Demonstrated here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KaLhGBc0v6w&t=1m33s

    1. There's also a minor graphic glitch where the hero/boss sprite "goes missing" while attacking resulting in a quick flash of a white rectangle.
      Around here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KaLhGBc0v6w&t=4m36s

    2. Thanks.

      As for the heart piece, I put it there intentionally as a shortcut.

  8. Have you fixed the vampire girl dissapearing if you get hit when she bites you? And If you die and fall through a heart restore, you can get up and keep playing, but the music stops

    1. Not yet.

      For now I'm focusing on game breaking bugs, but I'll fix it soon.

  9. I played the game from scratch but I didn't come across any of the pop-up errors yet; all CGs and enemies unlocked just fine without any resets after restarting the game, only thing I've noticed in regards to some of the enemy galleries being unlocked is that some are just unlocked from the beginning of the area they appear in (like the fairy in level 1) while some others aren't and instead are unlocked when you're actually more or less a few steps away from them being in sight.
    Other stuff that I've noticed:
    1) The 2nd boss sometimes disappears and never reappears. I've actually encountered this about 3 times and I want to say it's due to hitting her JUST as she's about to vanish, which then you see a puff of smoke in the area in which she would've reappeared at but doesn't and nothing more happens.
    2) In the 2nd boss room, it is possible to escape through the upper half of the entrance by jumping and continue to walk through it which leads you into getting stuck, making the camera scroll upward slightly.
    3) The vampire in level 3 has a struggle meter when she latches onto you that doesn't really affect anything unless you actually try struggling out, in which case if you made the meter reach the max before she latches off of you and you get knocked down (or push the "H" key to knock yourself down) her or any other monster around the area will attempt to initiate their h-animation but instead just rams into you and knocking you out of your daze, in which case everything is fine afterwards.
    4) When the vampire tries to latch onto you while playing with adult content disabled, it won't latch on and instead just deals the full damage it would normally do as if you got clawed at or ran into her. This of course would only differ for hard mode though since it's the same damage on normal or easy, while on hard mode she takes away a quarter of a heart with normal hits but only 1/8th of a heart with her latching onto you.
    5) If you beat the game and go straight to the enemy gallery mode, you'll keep the same amount of max hearts you had on the file you just beat and nothing else.
    6) It's possible to do a dash slash and jump at the same time (pushing attack before jump after doing the motions for dash slash, but basically pushing both at the same time) and can actually lead into being able to jump again if you push jump again shortly afterwards before the dash slash attack animation is done.

    That's about all I have to report that I can remember through my runs of the game. Don't know if any of these have been reported yet but just wanted to throw these things out there. The last one probably won't matter much since it wouldn't really be something game breaking and would require a bit of practice to even abuse efficiently, but *shrugs*. Would be kinda cool to see in speedruns or something.

    Anyway, great game and continue being awesome, Kyrieru.

  10. Sure I'll do a start to finish run and report all the bugs I find as soon as im done.

  11. I think this happens because you rushed things to meet deadlines and overtaxed yourself. Take it easier, don't rush it, because if you do you will have to do more work later like you are doing now.

    I'll do some playthroughs to help with the bug fixing too.