Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Spoil alert: I'm forgetful.

*Forgot to update on Sunday again, gives up on that plan already*

Well, not much to show. I've re-learned that I don't like spoiling things that will be in the game. So, yeah.

As for what I'm doing at the moment, I've started creating all the attacks for the player. I can create like 3+ moves a day if I work at it, so the only real limitation is running out of practical button combinations. It's funny trying to decide which move get's the classic hadouken spot.

The other tough part is making all the moves practical. What looks awesome isn't always the most balanced, after all. The last thing I want is to make a game where everything is so flashy that you get de-sensitized half way through.


  1. Hey, you could use Super Smash Bros series' moves system, when you press a direction and then an attack button, or like you said the Street fighter button combination system.

  2. So , could You tell us how much is complete the game is?

    10% , 20% ??

  3. A move that can block/dodge enemy bullets!


    1. Alternatively, a power up that lets your attacks destroy most projectiles. The megaman games do that - I think the Eraser Chip is the power up in question.

    2. If we will be using yon sword wielder as our character, I'd imagine with her range, it'd be rather too easy to eliminate bullets. I'd rather such a move be a lot harder, and require skill to use properly. A quick slice in a short range arc would be best in my opinion.

  4. You can always make a later post...

  5. You can also do context sensitive button presses: for instance, after pressing the first kick button, you can press kick again, or press punch, and it will do different things depending on the chain. DFO, a fighting game, also has the ability to set your own button/movement combinations to activate certain things.

    If you take a look at the moves you're creating, you'll know when in certain combinations you would want to activate certain moves automatically. For instance, you wouldn't activate a falling air-stomp at the end of a ground sweep.

    Instead of giving each move a static button combination, make it depend on what was used before, your elevation (on ground/in air), and such. What the player wants to do should flow from what the player has already done.

    1. Although if you choose to do static combinations, for the love of god, let us lock the moves we don't like. Or at least make them separate so that we don't end up using a rising cutter instead of a dashing forward strike. In no instance should two moves be so similar that you would use one in the same general combination. Your combo into a rising cutter should be different from what you would do into a charging attack, so that you don't accidentally use the wrong one.

  6. Alternate moves when one is:
    -Crouching (And sliding, perhaps. Having you do a slide into a rising attack would be epic)
    -Jumping (Falling vs. Rising) (Also directional, such as down doing a kirby-style down slash, and up doing some kinda flip thing*)
    *Also, it would be hilarious if you fell onto your back if you did the flip too close to the ground :D
    -Turning (Can someone say awesome quick slash?)
    -Double Turning (360-degree slash)

    Looking at various moves from fighting games may help as well, as the button combinations for normal moves are usually quite straightforward. It would also help to use a 2 or 3-button system such as Strong attack/Weak attack/Guard for better combos. It would also give controller players something more to play around with.

  7. As long as things are super-effective! and you have rare candies in the game nothing can go wrong.

  8. I know this would be far too much work, but I always enjoyed many different options / movement options in games.

    Such as attacks, throws, block, air throw, slide, dive kicks etc.

    The think I loved about Kurovadis is the fun constant movement. Pressing down to roll, then jump, and when you land roll, jump, roll, jump. This is something similar to Ninja Gaiden Black on Xbox does. Just something that keeps your fingers constantly moving is just fun, rather than holding left or right only.