Crimson Brave OST


    Here are some clips of Crimson Brave for posterity.

    I WISH it had been completed ;_;

    It had an interesting story, RPG elements... and of course smooth gameplay...

    ...Though maybe most of all I miss discussing game development with you!

    I bet all those story ideas drove you mad xD *le sigh*
    Anyway, keep up the good work Kyrieru!

    1. Dude that game looks awesome. I hope Kyrieru decides to pick it back up later.

    2. Ah...I watched the video and it looks so awesome.
      Maybe he'd consider slowly finishing it over time.

  2. It's probably something he'll pick back up some time down the line, when such a bulky game isn't quite as daunting, and he has some tools under his belt to work with (er... that's not an anatomy joke, really). Story and RPG elements both take an insane amount of work to create, and for one person, it's likely to be too much. It sounds like he plans to take on more people to help out as he goes on, so seeing this game, or one like it, come to pass in the not-so-near future is certainly plausible.

    Kyrieru, after all, has completed not just one, but TWO games. Most H-game makers don't even finish, and fewer still manage more than one, let alone his quality taking enough laps around others to make Sonic the Hedgehog's head spin (just his head, not a spindash, mind you-- that'd be normal).