Sunday, December 8, 2013


Did some music today.

To be honest, I'm not really sure if I'll go with this style of music or not. I'm still half tempted to use Snes soundfonts like I did in the old Crimson Brave soundtrack.


  1. It's a really good song. I'm not sure about that slow part in the middle though... but it has a good memorable melody.

  2. I like "Into the Dark".

  3. Really nice :)

    I'm sure what ever style you go for will be awesome.

    I'm just curious, what vst plugins/ virtual instrument packs do you use? I'm on the lookout for good plugins.

    1. This one was a soundfont called Symphony Hall Bank, and then just real guitar.

  4. This sounds very Castlevania. I dig it.

  5. While I do enjoy the music you're currently making, I loved the Crimson Brave sound track. Specifically because of the SNES sound fonts. For me they just fit so well with pixel art. Perhaps you could try a demo track of one of the newer melodies you've made but using SNES sound fonts instead and see what people think?

  6. Nice song. Speaking of Crimson Brave, any chance of you uploading the old demo again? Never got to play it, so it'd be fun to run through, even if it's unpolished.

  7. What program do you use to make this music? It's awesome