Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Updated demo (difficulty)

Edit: Tweaked the difficulty again. There is now hard, normal, and easy. (Also fixed an oversight that prevented the easy difficulty from being saved)

Controls are,

Spell: Up + Attack
Dash slash: Down, Right,  Attack
Downward spin: Down + attack in air
Downward stab: Double tap down in midair.
Block: Hold down on ground.
Dodge: Spacebar is the default key

Known glitches:
- The options aren't fully implemented yet.
- The blue crystal things are wonky.
- Apparently Rocks are capable of feeling love.
- A bunch of graphical stuff.

Things that will be in the game later:
- Animation for jumping and using spell.
- Gallery
- Enemy arena
- Unlocked CGs as higher-res files, free of gameover text.
- Missing graphics and music. (such as when you run out of health)
- Working options
- Timer for speedruns
- Beginning and end of stage graphics
- Boss H animations
- H animations will have affects (thus the red and blue bar)
- Other stuff

Take note of when you die the first time, if you do at all. I'm interested to know how difficult the game actually is for other people (for me it's just too easy, and thus hard too balance). If you want to take the time to screencap your first playthrough, that would be even better.


  1. Something i want to know is are u gonna keep the "hurt to touch" in? like u take damage just by bumping into enemys. I liked it in Kuro when u only got hurt when they attack instead of just bumping into them

    1. I believe that he should keep it in. It adds some extra challenge without being too much in most cases, unless you get caught in a corner. Though I do think it should be limited to 1/8th heart(1hp) except for specific enemies(like the boss, for example).

  2. controls still dont do anything for me, which makes me saaaaad :(

    1. What does the config file look like in the folder? Does it look like this?

    2. Hmm, don't know what to tell you then. There isn't anything in the game that should be preventing it from working.

    3. I have afeeling it has soemthing to do with vjoy which emulates a gamepad...tryign to remove it because w mission sucked anyway

    4. Kyrieru, can you make a change in the game system so that users can optionally disable gamepad input and play the game with a keyboard without a need to actually unplug the gamepad?
      There is a freeware called 'joytokey' that converts input from a gamepad into an emulated key stroke. Using this tool, I think all the problems related to gamepad would be solved.

    5. I've already done that, it just isn't in the options yet. It will be there once I get around to it.

  3. Oh yeah, didn't post this comment in the last post because it was late last night when I played it(you can tell from my grammatical errors/etc), but thanks for posting the demo! The game's really fun, if difficult for those who don't know all of the mechanics you've put into the game.

  4. Haven't tried this newest update, but hey new post!

    So far, the game reminds me of Kurovadis in that I'm bloody awful at it. Not really your fault - I just have this awful habit of trying to attack, but my finger keeps wanting to hit the jump key for some reason and that tends to end poorly.

    It's still pretty fun though. The music isn't amazing, but it's got an old-ish feel to it and is still nice to listen too. The sprites are really good, and as usual, your sprite work for the H is really good. The two CGs shown are also not bad at all.

    All in all, I'm looking forward to the official release. I notice you said something about game over text, do you mean just CGs without the words GAME OVER on the side, or actual like dialogue to go with it? I know Kurovadis had no real story elements (it's not really explained why her game over CG is with the red eyes for corruption - or why sex seems to corrupt her), so I guess I'm not expecting this one too either.

    1. I mean text at the beginning and end, like "Stage 1" and "level completed",etc. As well as an intro similar to what Kuro had.

    2. That's what I was thinking. I guess we'll have to make up story and text to go with it, hahaha.

      I wish I had your dedication. I've been trying to start a little H-project, but I lack any real talent to use anything besides RPGMaker. This presents an issue of me being unable to make sprites, or CGs and the sprite/portrait maker in VX makes... really weird, out of place portraits.

      And lacking any artistic ability, I was thinking of using 3DCG, but I can't find anything in it that fits a medieval theme...

      In the end, I've just barely made a single map, have some basic ideas of what I want the game to be, but can't get around to working on it.

      *ramble ramble*

      Anyway! Keep up the great work Kyrieru. Looking forward to Kurovadis 2 at some point (which I'm sure will also kick my butt)

    3. kris, message me on ulmf (still azurezero) i can probably help you out a little with rpg maker if you get stuck eventing

    4. It's less that and more I have awful work ethics and while I like making games, I find playing them is far easier on me and immediately gratifying, hahaha.

      I have no idea how to even start making Game Over sequences... but ah, yeah you can try to PM me there, or just use dA

  5. As always I'm in awe!

    This game is just WOW!

    Just one thing please. I know that you like your games "nintendo hard" and I believe it's right... just... MORE CHECKPOINT PLEAAASEEE. I've passed four stages and no checkpoint in sight. I keep losing and doing the first stage over and over again...

  6. In normal mode the floating heart should gain two health (quarter of your health).
    Normal mode is a bit boring because enemies die so fast but I simply can't get even to the first checkpoint with just 4 health.

    An option to continue from the beginning of the current level with the same amount of health and magic as you've entered it would greatly help to make it less frustrating.

  7. Heh, normal-mode should definitely help everyone complaining about the difficulty. I was easily able to rush through it and on hard I am still struggling with the boss.
    My first death on hard...I think on the first screen with some catgirls. Was still getting used to the controls. Overall the difficulty is fine, there just should be more frequent checkpoints and health, especially for an early level.

    The gameplay itself is great and almost flawless for this kind of genre and scale. The evasion move could have a bit more range and the downward thrust might need some work (makes the hero too vulnerable), but otherwise it has a good fluid and controlled feel to it!
    The H-content has some nice animations and ridiculously adorable CGs...absolutely squee-worthy, despite the rape. xD
    Just one thing: Will it have voices for the sex-scenes in the future? That's really an important thing for me personally when it comes to adult content. :/

  8. Normal mode is hell of a lot easier than hard mode, and the power up turns it into easy mode. It's a hell of a lot more plausible now, after the powerup I was down+swording everything. But it seems some people are having troubles. Never lost a more than 1/4 of my total health, which is huge on normal due to enemies doing only 1/8 dmg.

    First play tru, died once to boss 'cuz I kept checking to see if the backdash had invicible frames or not, lol. After that, fought her by simply timing hits and instantly backdashing, repeat. I would go to her other side when she did the huge wall like attack.

    Played hard mode again, but eh, went to the boss without the blade beam and kept dying, and dying and dying... cuz I forgot I had a gun >.>, then no problem.

    Also, is the boss suppose to have invincibility frames? Cuz when she does her first melee, my blow would sometimes do no damage to her, when I backdash, she could rush after me cuz I didn't flinch her. At first I thought I wasn't close enough, until a shot a blast tru the same moment and it went right by her, doing no damage.

    All in all, I would play on normal to progress and see everything, to take my time, hard to challenge myself.

  9. Hi, I'm using Demo2.

    I died pretty quickly at first (before encountering slimes) since I didn't figure how to block at first (this will be solved by a small tutorial I guess).
    After that, I usually die from wanting to slay every monster (hearts are fricking scarce) and getting caught off guard by a slime+beastgirl duo.

    IMO it's much harder than Kurovadis where you had a lot of HPs from the get go, and a decent ranged weapon.
    That's not a bad thing though, challenge keeps thing interesting.
    By the end of Kurovadis I had to go out of my way to die/get molested.

    I'm gonna try Demo3 now

  10. I went ahead and recorded my first 10 minutes:

    All I knew going in was the key setup in the options menu (which I changed to my personal preference. I didn't know action 2 was a backwards dodge, I'll definitely need to change the controls to something else next time to match that). So, I never figured out the downward stab or magic attack or anything like that, and didn't find the guard until like halfway through.

    Anyways, I had tons of fun, and I think the difficulty on Hard is just right for me. :3

    1. Thanks, that helps quite a bit. A lot of things played out about how I expected they would, but not all of it. For instance, you pretty much took the time to kill every enemy, despite there not always being something blocking your path. What would you say was the reason?

    2. That's just the way I play most games, I guess, not leaving enemies behind. I'm kind of a completionist, so that's probably part of it. Also, I wasn't yet aware at first that killing enemies wasn't that important... of course, even after I realized that, I still kept killing them, so... yeah. I guess every enemy is an itch I have to scratch, is a way I'd describe it.

    3. I assumed the glittery things were important. Are they only used for weapon upgrades?

      Love the game!

  11. There seemed to be a quick save feature built into the engine itself people can use. Pressing F5 saves and F6 loads it, though best to do it outside of H animations as that seems to cause errors. Using F5 also windows the screen which can be remedied by pressing F4 to Full Screen.

    1. Scratch that, doesn't seem to work on Demo 3 as it did in Demo 2.

  12. I love the launch blocks, they feel great! Brings back memories of Rocket Knight (Sparkster)... Can't wait to play the full game! :D

  13. Oh, I guess I should have mentioned that I really liked the game as well. Knowing that you can use down+attack to safely hit enemies below you without taking damage clears out my main gripe with the controls. However, I do think that block should be more reliable against ranged attacks.

    The main thing that got me was just the frustration of dying over and over again with little to no checkpoints on so little health. Just adding one more just before the cave would help out a lot, and a nice tutorial that teaches you the basic skills and game mechanics. The crystals especially could use something to help us get use to them.

    H-content is good, albeit a bit generic. Having a few variations in the rape animation that the girls might do at random just to mix it up would go a long way (cat girl might paw at the PC, fairy might float around a bit, slime's body might change shapes briefly, flower girl might lean over and kiss the PC). I'm really looking forward to more from you here, especially the CGs, as they've got a lot of personality to them.

    1. i'd say add a pre-animation to h-animation cause it feels like a snap-in-grap feel same with kurovadis its missing something that would make it more smooth.

  14. I bit the dust my first time on the first fairy enemy. Made it there with no health and jumped into her projectile. Please note that I am not a particularly talented platform gamer. Played on Normal mode with demo 3.

  15. I like the new normal difficulty, it feels about right to me. I actually think that the game is almost better without the sword attack power up. That said, there could probably still be a couple more checkpoints on the first level. Just because it is the first level.

    As for the boss, the first form is good, it just feels like it dies to fast. The second form feels a bit brutal, since it is hard to get a real handle on how you're suppose to fight it, at least before I saw your run through. It seems a bit tough for a first boss, and just having a foe rush at you like that is a bit of a letdown in a game like this.

  16. I also recorded up to my first death.

    I played on Normal with a PS2 controller. I looked up the controls before hand. Game is pretty solid. Haven't gotten a chance to really try it yet. I just wanted to get a taste of it. A lot of the times I tried to do a double-jump. Dunno why, it just has that feel to it.

  17. I didnt know until now that the main char was male :(

    Totally lost the vibe I had with this.. shame for me... hope it sells, but I'm out.

    1. After seeing the video I have to say that seems a really solid game, in a non h way even!
      Can't find the time to play, but congrats on a solid GAME and not only a solid CG game.
      Really congrats, you are good!

  18. It feels very much like a stage 1 now with the new difficulty setting. Job well done.

  19. Sorry for Excite translation.

    I watched your playthrough movie, and I understood. You should change an idea about difficulty.
    For example, in this game, please consider difficulty assuming the play of beating the enemy on advance as much as possible, without using Downward spin.
    Your movie is like the super play movie "In fact, there is also such a method in this game."

  20. Demos played 1 & 4

    Getting headshot by cross-up projectiles is not enjoyable.

    Lack of checkpoints along with the rarity of save points makes dying a major chore. Especially if you die in 4 hits. Consider adding checkpoints for each new(or every other) area entered.

    Damage from nonlethal skinned enemies is questionable.

    Not sure what item regenerates the spell attack and I recommend mapping that action to an independent button.

    There is a lack of an attack that hits above the character outside of the booster box.

    Starting sometimes places places swordsman several pixels into the ground for a moment.

    If captured by slime-girl on a non base platform sprites will descend slowly to the next subsequent floor.

    Cat girls will twitch glitch on edges when trying to chase down the swordsman.

    The plant lady will scale walls if she grabs the swordsman against the wall.

    Blocking with bubble will result in losing the bubble.

    I suggest a shield push mechanic to prevent being trapped in corners.

    Can only break pots with basic swings?

    Glitch resulting in duplicating swordsman. Happened while attacking and getting hit simultaneously. After timing out of stun the doppelganger will match originals movements.

    Final boss stage one root attacks should push you away if you block them successfully.
    Invincibility during 2nd forms attacks discourages multiple strategies for combat.
    The giant upward roots have active hurtboxes even after their pixels are no longer visible.

    I played the game "blind" and was able to figure out the intended level movement. I had trouble with the aerial down attack while trying to move forward after hopping off an enemy. Very fun combat and level movement.

    I wasn't a fan with the direction the music was going.

    p.s. hope there is a super secret part with the checkpoint gal.

  21. First a couple of notes: I played the demo as soon as it came out, so I didn't get to try any of the new difficulty modes--as such, grain of salt to my comments on the difficulty. Also, I played the demo before watching that video you posted, and holy hell I can see why you wanted it playtested. You clearly know what you're doing in these levels since you designed them, so letting us play them ourselves is a good idea.

    Right, onto my two cents. Game looks beautiful, the visuals are vibrant and pleasing to look at, the little ambient touches are nice (like the falling leaves), the main character is well-animated and has a good spring in his step, music is excellent and adds to the sweeping scenery, blah-blah you don't need to hear all this. GAMEPLAY.

    Again, I played the original demo so this is probably moot. I don't want to say the game is hard, per se, it's just... unforgiving of mistakes. The general lack of health pickups on each screen (in addition to the fact that each pickup only heals around a quarter heart) made me look at each screen in terms of permissible screw-ups, i.e. "there's a heart on this screen, so I can screw up once, but none on the next screen, so that one has to be perfect". Eventually I adopted a more pacifistic approach (meaning I just skipped as many enemies as possible) and the experience seemed to smooth out. Not sure if that's what you have in mind for the final product, though. Even so, I killed enough enemies that were in the way of a safe approach that I was able to afford both sword powerups with change to spare. So maybe this approach would work after all!

    Difficulty aside, the combat engine seems well-built to me. The player's moves all seem versatile, useful, and balanced. The behavior of even the most basic enemy indicates that this is not a simple hack-and-slash, and that blocking and dodging are extremely important (unless you just want to headbounce your way to victory). Each of the different enemies requires a different approach, and some enemy formations really force you to think on your feet. I'll admit I'm curious as to whether the difficulty is sort of even throughout the entire game, or if things will only get tougher from here.

    The level design seems fairly solid overall, it's always pretty clear where you need to go and how to get there. However, after watching that video, it seems pretty clear that you have certain routes or maneuvers in mind for given areas that are not innately obvious at all, like some of the dashing blocks located behind cuttable rocks. I guess a lot of these are paths that come with experience from replaying the levels over again (good for keeping the game fresh!), but I still feel like some mechanics could be better explained. I didn't even realize you could use dash blocks diagonally until I watched your video! Normally I dislike these sorts of things, but I can't help but wonder if a sort of practice mode or tutorial wouldn't be uncalled for. Unless, of course, fumbling your way through for a bit is part of the charm, which would be fun in its own way. That's a design choice that's up to you, really.

    1. By the way, how will the game progression work? I mean, will there be a level select,or do you have to start from scratch to play earlier levels again? If I miss one of those heart pieces, will I have the chance to go back and get it again later? Maybe allow the players to go back a screen if they miss something? Again, this is a design choice--I'm just curious, here.

      All in all, I found this demo to be a very positive indicator for the game. Things are shaping up quite nicely, I must say. The game is certainly strong enough on its own to warrant the H-Free mode, so including it was a classy touch.

      In short: good job, keep it up, don't burn yourself out!

      -Once got grappled post-mortem by a slime girl, slowly fell through the platform we were on down to the one below.
      -One time I got killed, except... not quite? I lost control, and the music stopped playing, but when I got grappled after death I noticed that I had an eighth of a heart left (Was it there before? Who knows!). After the grapple animation finished once, I was able to escape and regain control, though the music didn't return. Died not long after. No idea what that was all about.

  22. I can't completely play off of it just like on kurovadis, after i get to a big area with lots of moving parts or monsters, seems to just freeze up,sound gets jumpy and the controls are like 5, 6 seconds apart. I know it's my computer but any help asides from getting a new comp? lol (love what i could play of it though, which was all the way till the spinning blades)

  23. it's a bit difficult (played on norm btw) it feels like the type of game you can (and should by the speed of it) move fast in but it is really punshing when you do so

    maybe add a extra heart or 2 (like the LoZ games) or have more ways you can heal to help that and keep people in the game more

    and just to ask when you get attacked/raped when it is fully blue are you able to take advantage of the monster girl attacking you, while the more red it is the more ecchi things she is doing to you?

    1. but it is awesome dood, i really want to see more of it lol

  24. Gameplay is smooth and responsive like Kuro

    Though I find the sprite H anim and the slime GO CG somewhat lacking in eroticism. The alraune was fine, for the others I think its the lack of jiggling pixels.

    I played the demo with only one difficulty, and it was quite a challenge to even reach the first checkpoint. Slimes with bunnies or other slimes pose a problem, their projectiles throwing off blocking or attacking opportunities. Also, it might be better to remap the projectile attack to another key instead of Up Slash.

    Also is it really part of the gameplay to abuse the H key to gain invincibility frames? The Tree boss speed and attacks presented no chance to slash her face in unless you abuse the H.

    And how about a counter rape when you are getting raped, like when you mash the buttons to escape a rape and the bar fills blue the knight takes the dominant position and rapes the monster girl (for normal mobs).

  25. Kyrieru,to not to hex you or not to say you are GOD,I will just say,I am very apreciate demo of your new game.And,please,do not listen to somebody tips,listen only to yourself,cause tips like this ("And how about a counter rape when you are getting raped, like when you mash the buttons to escape a rape and the bar fills blue the knight takes the dominant position and rapes the monster girl (for normal mobs). ") make me mad/sad.Good luck with full version of game,and dont make gameplay easy specially for fap-fap and casuals please,cause one of the greatest moments in Kurovadis was interesting and hard gameplay.
    Continue to keep eye on you .

  26. Finally made it through the demo. I have the feeling the difficulty was reset to 'Normal' after I started on 'Easy' and exited the game for a while after the first checkpoint. On the other hand, I reached the second checkpoint with a bubble and that has been saved, which is impressive.

    I enjoyed how the secrets are hidden (like sometimes just a bit of backtracking climbing up, or jumping down though that bridge between checkpoint 1 and 2 or rolling the rock into the wrong direction to reach the heart container (though I've only got 3 now and can't help but imagine you'd have put 4 in the demo and I'm missing one).

    Is it just my imagination or do the monster girls have a little bit of a demanding look on them when they're on top of you? (and the slime girl's game over scene, too). I find that pretty hot :)

    1. Ah, good eye. I forgot to make it so it saves one of the difficulty variables.

  27. After watching your playthrough up to the point where I was stuck at I gotta say Kyrieru your platforming skills are quite amazing. You were reminding me of some of those high level dustofrce players. While I welcome the difficulty and consider it hard given the way I play, I can sort of see what you mean by it being easy by watching how you played it. Might try to record my play through of playing it on hard mode.

  28. Very solid, although I was finding it pretty hard. Mainly when there were multiple enemies attacking at different times. With the combat being so timing-based it's kinda awkward when you have three enemies attacking at slightly different times making the window of opportunity for attacking back very short.

  29. I haven't tried out 0.4 yet (Game Maker is doing the weird slow FPS thing again on my end). But I think the demo could use some tutorials on the controls.

    Instead of having a pop-up window with text explaining to the player what they should press (similar to Ys: Origin), just put in some kind of detail in the background. Yahtzee's "Poacher" game has signs in the backgrounds indicating where save points are, or what buttons to press when you don't know what the jump or shoot buttons are. You could add these objects into the background to help the player figure out how to perform the moves in the game. Rather than head over to this blog to read the controls. Also make sure these are simple pictures indicating the right action. Such as a "button = chibi avatar performing action". A simple "show, don't tell" method of giving a tutorial to the player.

    Another complaint from me is the lack of use when it comes to these "stars" and the h-scenes. I'm not sure what's the point of collecting these stars, and the only two important collectibles so far seem to be health and mana regenerating items. The h-scenes have good detail, but they also seem to serve the core mechanics as little as the stars. I guess some of the h-scenes deliver damage? But overall they seem somewhat pointless to the game at the moment.

  30. I died a bunch on normal, then switched it to easy and made it through with just a few deaths

    When I first played kurovadis I died a lot too, before figuring out that you could upgrade your stats lol. A bigger part of it was just figuring out the mechanics and stuff, you get a lot better over time. This game is a lot harder because you are hurt by touch, there are more anti-air projectiles and obstacles, your mobility options are more limited, and the difficulty ramps up pretty immediately. I'm sure after playing it for a while it will become easier.

    1. I forgot to mention that I also tried to kill all the enemies. The fact that you accumulate sparkling things made me think there was an incentive to do so and I didn't want to find out later that I didn't have enough sparkles to unlock something.

  31. I found an tactic in the game that seems to result in different methods of solving problems. It relates to the process for the h-scenes.

    You can trigger the prone state by pressing "H" on the keyboard, similar to Kurovadis. Like the monsters in Kurovadis, they will develop a route towards your prone avatar to trigger the h-scene. However this prone state could be used by players to lure out-of-reach monsters towards them.

    A good example would be those fairy girls that fire projectiles towards you. Just go prone and they will fly towards you. Also, the game records how many times you "struggled". So a player could have their struggle gauge at 90% to 95% full, wait for the fairy girl to get near, and then finish the struggle to get up and whack her dead. This tactic also seems to work for avoiding attacks as well, such as the plant girls ground vine attacks.

    I'm not sure if this is an exploit or a reasonable tactic. But it seems to work pretty well in making some of the platforming parts easier with the fairy girls.

    1. I used this tactic as well. I had fun finding ways to abuse it, really hope the "H" button stays in the game.

      That you don't lose anything (health, progress) from triggering it is also exceedingly awesome, if you just want to enjoy the amazing sprite sex!

  32. This comment has been removed by the author.

  33. i'd just like to point out that if you play the game in windowed mode, the window resizes during the game over screen. i guess that might be intentional, but i'd like to at least see the non-h game over screen retain the same resolution.

    first death happened on the second screen, mostly because my fingers kept assuming that jump & attack were ZX rather than XC. game is fun and responsive, bouncing around on top of enemies feels very rewarding.

    1. Fair enough. The H-game overs will always re-size, though. The game's resolution just isn't high enough to look good with downscaled CGs.

  34. I thought the slime girl was a Naga until I saw the game over CG. Other than that, no problems. It runs smoothly and solidly.

    I also died on every screen. I would beat a screen, then die halfway through the next. Beat that one, die halfway through the next, ect.

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  36. just to ask, does anyone have a problem with the controles locking up/lagging then repeating the commands? (happening to me altho idk if it is my comp itself) if it is my comp can someone help me to make it stop? please

    and i found a glitch :D the hero used "shadow clone jutsu" in the place you find the first heart piece with the sword-jump panels and i was controling 2 heroes at the same time XD

  37. Absolutely loving the difficulty. Something alot of games (H or not) don't have. Though I'm hoping for more positions from various monster girls. 3 out of the 4 MG's sprites just mount the hero. Maybe for the CGs have the Dyrad MG bound and lift the MC with her tentacles as she gives him a blowjob or have the Slime girl melt away parts of his armor as her goo congregates around his dick.

    But then again, that also means you'd have to redraw/recolor the slime girl CG / scrap the Dyrad CG you were working on and that's obviously alot more work. :V

    Just a suggestion.

    (I am a little sad you didn't go for the hybrid 8-bit/modern music though...)

  38. I'm getting a error when trying to unpack? its saying the file is broken.

  39. Am I the only one that just headbounced on both forms of the boss until it died?

  40. Finally had a chance to try out your demo, really solid game play and really smooth play control and worked well for me with the standard direct X presets (i use a wireless rumble pad 2 by logitech if your interested in knowing).

    Graphics and music are really nice too, good job on everything.

  41. Amazing thus far.
    Checkpoints would definitely be a plus for inept platformer players like myself, though. :p

  42. I'd love if the monsters ganged up on the hero.

    and there should be a futa boss mmmmmm boy rape

    yes, i am sick

    1. While I respect other's tastes when it comes to H, to 'balance it out' I'd like to request no futa etc stuff. Keep it straight, please, Kyrieru. Ganging up? Sure, if 'monstergirl tag' animations would be easily unlockable in gallery.

      Though I don't think it would be really possible - it would take many, many new sprites and their animations to be made.

    2. Kyrieru already said that there wasn't going to be anything sticking it in a male PC in his games. So you don't have to worry about girls with dicks being in the game, unless they're just for show.

  43. The final boss was really hard, even on easy. :x

    Blocking her first attack and then dodging the second worked well, but she's either be too far away for her to use the second attack, or she started mixing it up by skipping the unblockable attack and using another weak one.

  44. Only issue is the Hentai stuff...very lacking.

    One way to fix this is by making the monsters taunt you before and during sex, seductive attacks like the witch (i think?) from your first game. Perhaps a monster can unleash some aroma attack which would make the player hard to control/unresponsive or just walk to the monster.

    Just some thoughts. A multiple sex scenes/attacks would be most welcome as well.

    tl;dr more H variety.

  45. By any chance, does initiating an attack create a temporary second image of your character? Because if not, then I have no idea how, but I cloned myself.

    It was nice for a while, because it gave me two attacks for every swing, and enemies got hurt touching my clone. But eventually, we got separated by platforming and the game eventually spazzed out shifting between us every time I attacked.

    1. I got the same exact thing, but i accidentily posted on the earlier post of the demo a couple days before. it spazzed out after i attacked a bunny girl, with around 20-30 player characters on screen. It shook the screen and flew toward the top left, and then showed half the sky and half a green box. could only get out of it by exiting and re-entering the game. couldnt recreate the bug, but it did happen pretty much how you say. Started with one clone, and then got more and more as i ran around jumping and hitting random buttons.

  46. Just played through and I do like what I see :3 Altho I must say I am not a big fan of reverse rape and thus still love Kurovadis more - which does not mean that I dislike this. I must admit I actually like the music. Gives me a really good feel.

  47. would you mind if i poke around the code ?
    that would be cool if i find ways to fix bugs on your game.
    and im also using Game maker 8.1

    1. As long as you aren't stealing anything, go ahead. Though I wouldn't be using anything you fixed, and I'm the last programmer you'd want to learn from, so it'd probably be a bit pointless.

    2. pointless ? well yea unless you can poke around one of my projects aka this
      that's pretty much my game project.
      and my suggestions,
      natural learning skills : the Player character can learn moves on its own by just killing enemies or interacting with them aka the rape.
      as for the other suggestions the comments already said it.
      well I'll poke around the code and see what i can suggest.

    3. Mmm, I wouldn't really recommended it. The code is in a very "do whatever works and then leave it" kind of state, at the moment. There's a lot of redundancy and useless code, as well as a lot of un-optimized stuff. In other words, I'm aware of most of the problems, it's just that right now I'm more worried about finishing the game.

      After that, I'll be organizing all of it and re-writing anything that was just glanced over for time's sake.

  48. wait, so there won't be any playable female characters in this game?

    1. There won't be. At last, some originality, and actual male protagonist against female enemies in this genre of games is what I personally hoped for, a rare thing a fresh breeze.

    2. (not the first anon) personally i really liked kurovadis's design

  49. Good game, I like it. The graphics are even more crispy than Kurovadis. There are two things though that noticeably decreased my enjoyment:

    1. Inability to return to previously visited location, especially ones which could have held things like heart pieces.

    2. No save location where I could get to for healig and save game, just checkpoints, somewhat sparsely set.

    I also do hope that RPG-stats-wise there wll be some developments. Aside from podiums which allowed me to turn whiteish stars into some power and those heart pieces there seem to be no way to improve the character - a thing which may be important for players bad enough at the game that they would like to make up their lack of skill with stronger character.

  50. Finished the demo, and here are the bugs I found, as well as some observations and comments about the general gameplay.


    1.Sometimes, when you get raped by the Slimia(She seems like a mixture of a slime and a lamia to me.) in one of those plataforms you can jump down from, the hero starts to slowly ``Fall Down´´ from it as he's raped.

    2.The flowers summoned by the Dryad(Boss) cannot be hit or destroyed. I do not know if such thing is intentional. Also, I cannot block the root attacks. I don't know if that's intentional too. It would be good if you clarified if such effects are intentional.

    3.The Alraune's atack keeps going even after she was defeated. Once again, please clarify if such a thing is intended.

    4.Block Skill doesn't always work or works in a way it ain't supposed to.

    Sometimes when I block, the monster's blows hit the hero as if I hadn't blocked. Yet, sometimes it blocks attacks from the back.


    1.Recovery Items too scarce

    In Kuro, if your health got low and you were away from a save point, you could always get your HP back from the items dropped by the monsters. And in this game, the lack of such a feature makes things quite complicated. It would be good if the monsters also dropped some recovery items, else it's just too hard to stay alive.

    2.Recovery Items too hard to obtain.

    The bubble-encased stuff sometimes takes some nasty fight angles; flying into oblivion before I can get them, and sometimes, getting them is almost mandatory. It would be good if they stayed in the screen for a longer time.

    3.Save Points too scarce

    The demo could had used one more save spot, in the middle of the ``tunnel area´´, because if you lose, making that travel again, and gathering all the stuff is quite a hassle.

    4.Can't go back to previous areas.

    One of the things that made Kuro great was all the exploring you had to do to find everything, which is always fun. And such feature is missed in this game. Specially since you depend on the hear pieces to get stronger, and these could be easily left behind.

    -Comments and suggestions

    Despite the minor bugs and gameplay issues, the game is quite the rough diamond; it was quite fun to play. Specially, it was fun to pull all sorts of movements with those Blue Crystal Square thingies. They're a quite fun gameplay element. I hope to see more complex patterns of them in the higher levels.

    Your monster girls are quite cute too. I can't help but to call the first one ``Chibi Felicia´´ because of her looks and color pattern. And the Slimia is quite original; I'm quite well-versed in monster girls(I'm one of the guys who makes the english edits of Kenkou Kurosou's Monstergirl Encyclopedia Profiles.) and I had never seen a Slime Lamia before. I'm eager to see what kind of H-Anim will the Dryad have.

    Also, what other kinds MGs do you plan to add?

  51. First time I played, I died before reaching the slime girl. Talk about bad player.

    Since you requested for records of attempts at beating your demo, I did one (take note it must be around my 20th try or more):

    1. Oh by the way I typed it in the description of the video, but I often jump or fall straightly vertically. This is due to inputs not responding correctly, doing the "jump" input but not the "going right" or "going left". It is not forcefully because of the game. It could be because of the gamepad or JoyToKey not responding well to multiple commands.

  52. I agree with evrything Blake81 said, but I have a personal problem the game is very fun to play but I dont like the erotic stuff at all woman rapes man is just boring to me. But I would buy it only for the gameplay =P

  53. hoho, so going with reverse-rape games now heh? it reminds me of Momus Quest.
    so kyrieru, are you targeting female consumers specially this time?

    1. Nope.

      Also, the next game is going to have a female protagonist again.

    2. I must say that I am male, hetero consumer but I am very, very glad that it's male player character versus female enemies. It's more fun that way for me and there's more variety in cute girls that way - a thing I care far more about than I would about bunch of different guys doing one girl.

    3. Surely different people have different tastes, I'd prefer playing as a girl though, for me it gives a lot better immersion,

  54. I cannot stop thinking about that Captain America and the Avengers NES game ( when I see this and I don't know why.

    Also, needs up slash attack.

  55. Just wanna say I just donated to you guys, I loved Kuro and wanted to donate then but couldn't, seriously keep up the good work, and hope to see more soon!!!

  56. oh by the way the download link is Down.

  57. This stuff is awesome, definelty gona buy it once its out, just like kuro ;D

  58. looks like fun... but download link don't work.

  59. like these kind of games nice. Hey you should make a female version where the guy is a girl instead and the monster are futa :D i would pay for that overall good game will buy.

  60. A bit on the hard side. Limited projectiles means your only reliable attack is the sword, and you can easily get hit while doing that if you don't time it right. Individual battles are longer than they need to be because of that unless you're willing to take hits, which isn't an option when you can only get hit a few times.

  61. you know, maybe you should release both Eroico and Kurovadis to android, it'll be great

  62. I played it a bit in normal, and it mostly seems fine, though I would change the magic to a separate button instead of up + attack, and make the dash slash and downward stab a bit more powerful since they are not worth the extra risk IMO.

    I'll post more thoughts as I play it.

  63. hey mate. im having trouble playing your game, for some reason i cannot use the menu, it just doesnt work, the selected option goes straight to exit and it wont move or select even that. game looks amazing and i bought ur previos one from you. i want to really play this one too as it looks just as awesoeme, actually even better id say. any help would be awesome.

  64. I'm really enjoys this game. No problem i have played so far but the game is quite easy. Because the only thing you need is to rush the map not to attack all the monster girl (I'm a monster girl fan so this is why i rate this game 9/10 :3 can't rate 10/10 because it's still a demo).

    So for my opinion: Eroico is quite a easy if you know the keys (you should put a list of control key incase anyone don't know how to use) and i suggest that you shouldn't put all the move for the protagonist at the beginning of the game. It made the game very easy to clear. I like kurovadis because you have to collect the skill (or move) to be able to go to the next area.

    And about those stars thingy you collect by breaking bottle or killing monster girl. Are those only used to exchange the flame sword? or you are going to have new upgrade? because it would be lame and you can put on the item system if you like : weak, strong, elemental item and stuff if you can, and depend on the monster elemental you can deal more attack. (Ex: Slime girl get cut by a normal sword would need 6 hit and by lighting sword need only 2 hit, but well it's just only my suggestion so don't take it to high).

    And please no lvl system. In kuro the lvl system is very easy to cheat. Many people don't like to work hard and change lvl to 900 or 9000.

    My friend sent me a game link download and asked me to do a walkthrough. I uploaded long time ago but i didn't realize that it already have a better walkthrough already.

    And i guessed this game gonna have around 5-6 bosses. I think you intended to do 4 elemental bosses and 1 final boss
    Slyph, Salamander, Gnome, Undine and 1 final boss.

    You don't need to take everything i write. Just think about my opinion if it give you more ideal. Because you make this game so it's all depend on you. And good luck on making the game.

  65. your game is nice, beautiful dot indie game.
    I hope this game gets released on iOS and Android(adult content off version)

  66. hey, im still cant play ur game, im drooling in anticipation, help please?

  67. You probably read most of the comments already, i didn't so wha i am about to say may already be repeated.

    I like the controls, feels more like an action adventure than kurovadis. Difficulty is somewhat high but i found that because i keep killing all enemies that are on my sight even tho you have way to many options to dodge them. Why killing them then? because is really fun, its combat is responsive and enemies can get challenging when they gang up on you. I say, you should probably increase the health, or place enemies strategically or whatever you come up but try to force the player to battle them. Its too fun.
    The learning curve in kurovadis is excellent, later in mid game you could control her as you please: dodge, attack, evade, throw proyectile all that in 1 combo.
    I'm not sure if this will be like this, i just wanted to redact my first impressions.

    Ps: pixel h-scenes are my fetish now thanks to you :P

  68. Love Eroico and hate Kurovadis. That's just my personal taste; the former has a man being raped by beautiful women-esque creatures, and the latter has a woman being raped by disgusting monsters.

  69. I don't know how peoples think about this game BUT for me

    I want female protagonist :3 I don't mind play as male one but still prefer female more than male

    or at the best, have options to choose you go male or female.. of course, I knew this will cause double works for creator.