Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Demo for mini-game

Alright, here's the demo. Keep in mind that it's still pretty rough around the edges since I just wanted to get something playable released for now. There's still quite a bit of graphics, sound, and music missing. Some of it is temporary, like the boss music, which was slapped together in around 15 minutes just to have something there.

Controls are,

Spell: Up + Attack
Dash slash: Down, Right, Attack
Downward spin: Down + attack in air
Downward stab: Double tap down in midair.
Block: Hold down on ground.
Dodge: Spacebar is the default key

Known glitches:
- The options aren't fully implemented yet.
- The blue crystal things are wonky.
- Apparently Rocks are capable of feeling love.
- A bunch of graphical stuff.

Things that will be in the game later:
- Animation for jumping and using spell.
- Gallery
- Enemy arena
- Unlocked CGs as higher-res files, free of gameover text.
- Missing graphics and music. (such as when you run out of health)
- Working options
- Timer for speedruns
- Beginning and end of stage graphics
- Boss H animations
- H animations will have affects (thus the red and blue bar)
- Other stuff

Take note of when you die the first time, if you do at all. I'm interested to know how difficult the game actually is for other people (for me it's just too easy, and thus hard too balance). If you want to take the time to screencap your first playthrough, that would be even better.

Also, keep in mind that this is supposed to be simple. Very simple. If you're expecting game of the year, you're going to be disappointed.

Now, sleep time. I'm exausted. -___-


  1. Excellent work, Kyrieru--it's a ton of fun to play!

    Not sure if you're aware of these, but here are two bugs I found:

    -The background of the forest vanishes when the pause menu comes up.

    -The double-down attack in the air is wonky, it seems to not do damage at random.

    Thanks a bunch for your hard work. Some of the people around here a crazy impatient and insatiable, but take your time on the rest of it and get some rest! =)

    Looking forward to hearing more from you!

    1. When does the double down attack not do damage? The only time it doesn't do damage is against the boss.

    2. It usually happens when I'm recovering from being hit.

      Try getting hit by the bunny girl and then immediately trying to hit her with an attack. Seems to not kill her more often than not for me.

  2. I died near the beginning, to the third bunny girl, although that was mostly due to me trying to figure out the controls while in the middle of being charged at by a pair of bunnies.

    I think the difficulty is fine, once I learned how to beat the bunnies, it was much easier.

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  4. Whoa, that is a brutally hard game. My first death was on the second screen, but I'd say that's only because I hadn't gotten the hang of blocking and dodging yet.

    The main issue I felt was that you have no checkpoints (at least none that I reached in my ~10 playthroughs), and have very low health with little chance to get more. Even then, the health recovery is minimal.

    The furthest I got was to the very first fairy, and that was just by trying to avoid fighting foes if at all possible and just rushing through things.

    Your basic attack has very short range, and the magic attack runs out far to quickly to be useful except when you desperately need to kill an enemy. Melee and blocking is tedious, but isn't a problem once you get the hang of it. The ranged foes are much more trouble, and I find it is very hard to not get hit by them unless I take them out at range. It generally seems to be more practical to just avoid fighting.

    The biggest problem is fighting enemies that are on a lower platform then you, as you have no way of effectively killing them without putting yourself at risk of taking a hit.

    Personally, I'd really like to see some checkpoints, at least early on in the game. It is really frustrating having to start at the beginning, over and over. Especially when you encounter something new for the first time, and have no idea how to deal with it. Leading to inevitable death, or at least some damage that you aren't going to be healing from.

    Oh, I didn't seem to be able to use the dash slash. Not sure if that's because I wasn't using the command right, if the command here is wrong, or if its bugged.

  5. Lets see along the long wooden platform where the slime girl is can cause you and her to break collision with the bridge and float off it if she catches you while your stunned on the ground.

    Option menu on my screen seems to have blanked out options, which I assume leads to control. Not sure if it's my computer or the game but yeah.

    Slime girls projectiles will follow you through walls if you get them to shoot at you as your jumping down a cliff or platform.

    If you exit a game after the CG screen it will briefly zoom in on the cat girls face. Haven't tried it with any other characters as I can only get to the first flying enemy before dieing. I like to rush dang it!

    Only Bugs I encounter so far. Also I know people will hate me but I swear you have a niche for making old school classic feeling games. It's almost a shame it's hentai.


  6. I'm afraid it doesn't run for me. All I see is a white screen with the options to start a new game, etc. No controls respond. I also tried unplugging my gamepad just in case it was interfering and a few of the compatibility modes.

    Any suggestions?

    1. I encountered the same problem, too.
      In my case, it worked by unplugging my gamepad and playing the game with a keyboard.
      So I think it's due to gamepad recognition problem.

  7. Is Eroico the final game's name? I'm not saying it's bad but being a spanish talker, i find it really cheesy compared to Kurovadis

  8. I lost before I even started playing. The download from this "mega.co.nz/" filehost keeps bugging out halfway through.

    1. Nevermind, it worked when I gave it half an hour on the seventh try.

      The main character feels way too fragile. Once I figured out the controls, dying started really happening just after the spinning spiked logs showed up. When you get stuck in a tiny box with projectiles coming at you, hits are likely to happen.

      Really wish there was some way to refill HP and MP reliably. Shouldn't those sparkles you get from defeating enemies do something?

  9. Bugs so far

    Rapes on the wooden bridge cause you to fall through
    Being knocked into a health item after dying (such as the heart in a pot within the hitbox of a spike trap) causes the game over screen to not appear (only change is the background colour goes black) and 'continue' does not work.

    Also, it's very hard, but you have the mechanics to work with it. However, it's WAY too long to have no checkpoints.

  10. First, my deaths are almost all early game. It took me something like 25 minutes to get to the first checkpoint. Area 1 can be completed without taking a single hit, Area 2 has a couple spots where pressing H for invulnerability frames is practically a must, Area 3 has a spot where you can avoid half the level(go past the traps, jump up to the ledge to your right, jump left to the [*] for the heart piece and then take said [*]s up to the top. The fourth area gave me the most trouble as the placement of monsters makes it very difficult to get past without taking damage in several places.

    I found no way to restore magic other than the checkpoint in the game, this means that effectively EVERY point of magic you start with has to be saved for slimes and the pixies due to their placement and ranged attacks..

    Four hits to death is extremely quick when you consider how many monsters and the relative rarity of health, as enemies do not drop hp and you need to kill Urns or find the floating bubbles with hearts in them. The difficulty as the demo stands is what I believe a game on Hard(or normal with an option for easy) should be like, as there are SO many monsters and thus the game would be off-putting for players who aren't good at fighting platformers.

    Dash attack is Down+-> attack or down+<- attack, not direction direction attack.

    Dodge has no invincibility frames. I would expect it to have some to make it easier to get past monsters on ledges without having to abuse H...

    Slimes can hit you when guarding if you move forward a certain amount and block. The blob lobs just far enough to count as an attack from behind...

    The Down Stab can be abused to oneshot most mobs(Note, the anonymous above just thinks it doesn't do damage at points, really it just does 2 damage, it doesn't in fact one-shot creatures). You just jump out of the down stab and use it immediately again. This mechanic isn't directly obvious, I had to think about it when I accidentally used it on a slime and then fell into damage.

    I still have no idea how to get past the wooden log to the heart piece in Area 6(first incidence of alraunes).

    I also found some of the traps to be really tight as to their timing, ESPECIALLY on the first few areas.

    The game continues to play when alt-tabbed out of and it's in the background...I died while typing this :( then exited the game by hitting esc.....

    The [*] boosts can be glitched out of by hitting the attack key on the same frame as you touch them and you can cause them to throw you in diagonal directions by doing the same with the movement keys and jump.

    Red [*]s can shoot their waves slightly higher and slightly lower even though this isn't reflected in the actual attack, I noticed this in Area 4 with the destructible rocks since it'd occasionally hit them(also of note is that the attack animation for hitting these is rather slow, making it difficult to get through the upper rocks).

    Slime blobs still show the attack animation on you if you block them(goo on head).

    1. Oh yeah, as someone said above, slime blobs travel through walls, floors, and everything in between, and their arcing at certain distances can completely miss your character. Also, they abuse what direction+speed you're moving in to hit you when you're falling down or jumping up, that's not cool man. Though I did use that combined with the H key to avoid them in many cases, it was the only way I could make it to the first checkpoint without dying, those slimes are ridiculous.

    2. OK, you cannot get more than one damage upgrade, I tried using both but I still don't one-shot bunnies, which obviously have 3 hp(like everything else does, I guess).

    3. I guess the diagonal use of [*]s is intentional...don't mind that :D.

  11. For those who read this, the game DOES have checkpoints, however they're very very far apart. You need to complete the first four or five areas to get to the first one(1:bunnies, 2:slimes, 3:traps, 4:cave 5:pixies).

    I can't quite remember, I'd have to run through it all really quick again to remember, but there IS a checkpoint, it's just ridiculous to get to. I honestly think the difficulty it too high at this point, this is what I'd expect mid-game to be like.

  12. Once I got used to the mechanics it wasnt too dificult. Before then I was dying like crazy though.

    Bugs: at the first bunny girl on a raised platform - I jumped up onto the platform and tried to block and attack at the same time. Or perhaps I spammed even more buttons than that. I beleive I was knocked unconcious aswell. This caused a second protagonist to appear, who was fully functional and mirrored my movements. He even respected terrain and could be at different elevations than the other. Im not sure how to reprodouce it though.

  13. I died in the first area, then the second area, then the third area... I managed to get through the cave after a dozen tries, but still haven't found that elusive checkpoint. For what it's worth, I had to play Kurovadis on very easy and still found it somewhat challenging. Platformers aren't really my thing.

    Also, having to lose and get a game over to see the artwork is a real pain in the ass when losing means starting all the way over. More frequent checkpoints would be great.

    I do like the game though! It's just Nintendo-hard.

  14. It's kind of a jarring contrast from Kurovadis that enemies deal damage on contact now. Should landing on a bunny girl's head really be as dangerous as letting her hit you with a punch that takes practically a whole second to charge up?

  15. Awesome game. A little tricky before I got used to the controls. I'm glad there was less "platform hell" this time around. That was really my only gripe with Kurovadis was that it was really hard to pull off some of the jumps that were required. Very nice though keep up the good work. :)

  16. While I was playing this game and found the first checkpoint, I thought of one solution that might make the game considerably easier.

    I don't think a single thing should be changed about the level's difficulty, instead I think you should be allowed to make more mistakes. Adding a couple more hearts to make three hearts to start out with should make it easier on everyone.

  17. Yeah, if you had 3 hearts and maybe some more placed healing items, I'd be perfectly happy with the difficulty.

  18. I'm Lumarin's twin brother -- We're both avid gamers and are typically really good.

    That said, the game definitely feels overtuned, especially for the first few areas(Most certainly the enemy placement). It feels like you're already in the middle of the game, or you're playing on the nintendo hard difficulty.

    The rarity of health pickups, and the fact that they give 1/8 of a heart when you take 1/4 per hit also feels like something you'd do for the hardest difficulty.

    I found that I was saving all of my magic for pixies and slimes, because they're waaaaaaay too insane to deal with. It's almost impossible to get to a platform with a slime on it unless you kill it, and pixies make fights with other mobs extremely annoying.

    By the way, is the boss supposed to be final-boss tier? I found that you can't hit her at all unless you abuse invincibility frames or save up and spam all of your magic at her after you kill her tree. Her attack speed is also way too fast. If you run out of magic, you HAVE to tank hits to get damage in, as she's invulnerable during her swipe, which she spams if you dodge.

    1. Oh yeah, I forgot this in my post -- The trap placement is exceptionally cruel for this being the first levels. Also, does the 2nd sword upgrade platform actually do anything if you've already gotten the first one in the area after the first checkpoint? I also agree with the others that damage-on-contact is really jarring, and somewhat game-breaking if you've got an enemy inside your model and you're stuck in a corner guarding(You can't get out without taking at least one, if not two hits).

      For those of you that haven't beaten the demo, here's some tips:

      For the bunnies, either slash them, then guard their attack, and attack again, or down-stab + jump + down-stab. They're probably the only "balanced" enemy in the whole demo.

      For slimes... fuck slimes. If they're on a solid surface between you and them, just rush them down. If not, use 1 magic + jump slash if you're feeling confident. If not, just use 2 magic.

      For pixies, just magic them. No excuse.

      For the Dryads(name?), wait until they attack, jump over the attack, then do 2 down-stabs. If there's a ceiling above them, just magic them.

      For the boss, rush in, and do a swing, then jump over the first attack(Jump AWAY from where it starts), then do 3 swings, and jump again. After a few attacks, she'll spawn flowers, which create pollen that hits you, you can walk to a side and just guard all the attacks. She'll then create a tree trunk, which you should jump on, as the entire bottom of the screen will be spiked.

      After you've knifed her poor tree to death, the hard part starts, you should stand back and spam all of your magic at her while she's still at range, then tank a hit and spam attacks while she's recovering from her swipe+jab. which takes a while.


      #1 In the third area, the first time you see the spinning spike traps, you'll find it right above you. Just get past the traps, jump onto the 2nd floor, and do a jump from the edge of the ledge to the left, and hold left as you hit the booster.

      #2 On the level before the first checkpoint(After the cave, first time you see dryads), you'll find it behind a wooden wall. At the end of the level, turn left and you'll find a switch that opens the wall.

      #3 On the level after the first checkpoint, go up from the start, and you'll find it at the top-left. If you go right without falling, then go even further up, you'll find a sword upgrade platform at the FAR top-left of the map(+DAMAGE YAY)

      #4 The last heart piece is in the last area before the boss checkpoint. After you jump over an aerial thorn pit with a moving platform and enemies under it, you'll find 2 bunnies on a staircase-like area, with a pixie to the upper left. DO NOT TOUCH THE PIXIE until you've killed the bunnies. Once you've done so, jump up, jump over and down-stab the pixie, then jump out of your down-stab to boost all the way to the final heart piece.

  19. I've finally reached the boss. The cave was where I was stuck the longest, and I think some health here would go a long way to making this much easier: http://img706.imageshack.us/img706/9835/puthealthhere.png

    Then I'd either make health pick ups more powerful and more frequent, or make it so that enemies only take off an eighth of your health, instead of a quarter. Alternatively, add more checkpoints.

    I actually found the game fairly easy once I got the fire sword, and the weird diamond power-up made it so that it was almost a breeze. That said, the room where you get the fire sword power-up is killer. Especially the whole no way to try again if you fall down thing. I think it took me 10 tries to master that room. After that, it only took me three tries to get to the boss, compared to the good 30 tries to get to the first checkpoint.

    Oh, I missed the only chance I got at that last heart piece right before the boss, since I breezed through that whole area on the first try. What does that do if you get all four?

    1. If you get all four it gives you another 2 points of hp(1/4 heart, so you go from 8 to 10 max), and it appeared to decrease damage taken from 1/4 to 1/8th, but that could just have been a trick of the eyes or the boss has some weak attacks and some strong attacks.

  20. If you can't get the heart behind the wooden wall in the zone full of alraunes (before 1st checkpoint), right after going up to a place with a pixie and a catgirl you can go left instead of right where there is a lever. if you hit the lever it activates the door and unlocks the heart

  21. I Died in the second screen from the slime girl

    For a commando people like Me , I sure prefer LvL system than health bar
    I wonder If there is an wordpad option like Kurovadis
    That will let You have infinite health/more defense~

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  23. for some reason i cant get past the menu screen, no buttons do anything and it auto-switches to end upon loading

  24. FOR CHEATERS, here's a save with 255 hp, the attack upgrade, the shot powerup(you lose this if you take a hit), the bubble powerup(shield-1hp), at the start of the game with 99 xp/gems/whatever.

    Just copy this into your slotX.txt file and BAM, you can cruise right through the game and test stuff on that save file(note I went with 255 hp because that's more than enough and I didn't want to see if I'd crash the game with more).


    And here's the template as far as I've figured it out(don't copy this one, it'll throw an exception, and could potentially crash the game):

    255 //Current HP
    255 //Max Hp
    8 //??
    1 //Sword buff
    1 //??
    1 //Heart Piece 1
    1 //HP2
    1 //HP3
    1 //HP4
    200 //Money
    3 //Area
    1 //Shield Buff
    1 //Shot Buff
    1 //??

    Area codes as follows.
    3 Start,
    31 checkpoint 1,
    34 Boss Checkpoint(no H).
    Other numbers can give you empty zones or actual areas in the game, but I don't know them nor wish to test for them. Start at Checkpoint 1 if you want to play around with all of the H content.

    I removed the other comment to since I can't edit, and this'll make the comment look more consistent.

  25. I died to the first bunny/ kitty girl who jumps out of the leaves. Of course, I also didn't read the instructions AT ALL. I know that seems like poor data for your question, but a lot of people play that way. It's so exciting to start a new game up and you don't want to read instructions, you just want to jump in and start playing. You just learn how to play the game by pushing random buttons and seeing what the character does.

    I don't think the difficulty is too high at all. Games these days all tend to be too easy. When a game is easy, it starts out as a power fantasy and ends with boring. When a game is challenging, there's a sense of danger- the player has to be wary and attentive or they'll suffer. For a game with H content, that sense of danger connects with the eroticism to add to the player's sense of vulnerability. Instead of "Aww, the bunny girl wants to jump my bones! How cute. I'll just sit her and let myself get hit," it becomes "The bunny girl is going to TAKE ME O_O."

    I hope this helps and keep it up! I loved Kurovadis and I'm already loving the look of this!

  26. This is rather hard , if there is no check point in the official release that is
    Hope if died we can start over in some location , rather than force to play from the start

  27. For some reason, the game's not accepting any input from my keyboard at all. Dunno why not.

  28. The second fairy knocked me down, carried me through the roof of the cave and raped me up there. After i broke free i could keep walking on top and got only a black screen when trying to go to the next area.
    Aside from that bug i encountered the game's fun, fluid controls, hard but not frustrating/impossible. Good Action Platformer, would enjoy playing even without adult content!

  29. Game is good.

    Game is easy - using a controller.
    Game is hard - using a keyboard.

  30. Really enjoying this type of difficulty, but as others have already stated, this kind of feels like a beginners trap. I mean, what exactly can I expect from later stages? I actually feel a lot of the stuff you have should be obtained tru the game as to teach you about it, or something like that.

    I died a few times on the first few screens and... that was it. This was more due to me not being used to how movement worked, and not knowing I could block, hop enemies with down+attack, and shoot. Once you get used to the movement and quickly turning around to block multiple attacks, game becomes a lot easier on a lot of parts. But some situations seem like they are meant for people already used to the game, when the first stage should be about teaching you the basics, SURE, making the first stage challenging can be fun, rewarding, but I think this is a bit too much.

    One example is the first platform to get the first sword powerup after the checkpoint. You jump a trap, only to see a cat on your right, and a pixie on your left, you jump the cat to get them both in the same side, only to see a slime start shooting you from the right. You are on a platform. Traps on both sides. I don't think this is something a stage one should deal with, I was pretty much blocking everything thinking what should I do.

    Now, this may seem simple to some people, like, every time I go for that power up now I just jump the cat look left and blast the pixie with magic while on the air, quickly run right if the slime shot to get under the slime shot and quickly block to the left at the cat, jump the cat, get the slime offscreen (not that this works, just got far away enough for her to stop shooting), dealt with the cat, proceeded tru the game. I don't think a first stage should resort to this kind of stuff, lol. Now to be fair, this is right next to a checkpoint... so... uh... just killed my own comment there didn't I...

    At the same time, I can see how it should be difficult, 'cuz the powerup seems to last the whole stage.

    It's like most situations are meant for people that are already used to your previous game. Everyone who played the your first game will probably have no problem, but An Anonymous posted

    "This is rather hard , if there is no check point in the official release that is
    Hope if died we can start over in some location , rather than force to play from the start"

    What does this tell me?

    That if this guy buys the game the guy won't make it to the first checkpoint. Cuz he is saying there are no checkpoints while the demo HAS checkpoints, more than one, he just gave up before reaching them!

    Cuz for me a save point is a check point, seeing as you revive from those too.

    1. About the enemies (hitted the 4096 characters limit...)

      Cats aren't an issue. They teach you the meaning of blocking, and that you can quickly turn to either side while blocking. Got flanked? Jump Over? F'that! I will just quickly turn sides (although putting them both on the same side is still better...)

      Pixies taught me not to save magic. Until I got the sword power up and was one shooting them... with a slash... you know what I mean. Then I would rather save magic for specific situations where the enemy placement would seem to be a pain. So no issues here for me

      The dryad seems a bit over the top for a first stage enemy, dunno how well non avid gamers will fare. Other than to try to jump and take a hit and just blast away.

      By the time I reached the boss, I noticed I could hit a tree I instantly jumped and Down+sword it, dunno, instinct, then I just realized the boss couldn't touch me while bouncing on it.

      2nd attack, didn't even know what da hell happened. Felt somewhat cheap, kinda like how I died on on Dark Souls due to the floor breaking and dying mid air to a Dark Knight swing, dunno, it just felt sneaky, but hey, you figure out you can block it, it's all good.

      3rd attack, didn't even pay attention to it, was hopping on the tree with down sword.

      Boss itself, I think this one is worse than the first boss in Kurovadis, due to her extremely fast attack speed, some people mentioned tanking hits and hoping she dies.

      Me? I just slash, then block, then back space/backdash the last hit. Rinse and repeat. I noticed a timed hit would stun her briefly, or at least make her stop suddenly. I started doing this after a few tries.

      THEN AGAIN, first time I killed it was more due to the fact that the blade beam (if you have it) stunlocks her to death.

      A lot of this can be rendered moot by the fact that you have save points, not so far in between, and one before each boss (if the pattern keeps going like this...) but the enemy placement seems well thought out, and the difficulty might incline some people to use cheats, which is kind of unfair to this game, seeing as how I can remember the hard bits, kinda gets ruined if people just plow tru it with infinite life or something. Think it would be better if there is an easy mode where people could restart from the beginning of the screen they died at, maybe with the same health, maybe restored.

      This current setting could be anywhere from normal to hard mode. I played using the keyboard. And I remembered the whole H key thing from Kurovadis on my 3rd play tru, so it's not a must, the game is quite beatable without it.

      ...did I really type all of that? I need to get a life. Probably contradicted myself here and there...

    2. Well, that's all, I am enjoying the current game a lot though, still can't get enough of rushing and bouncing of and ditching enemies (especially from upper platforms to slime girls) with down+sword attack... few hints...?

      Don't kill everything, you can clear most screens without having to kill almost anything at all, in some screens, nothing!

      Down+Sword, love it. Especially to bounce off wall blade... beams?

      While blocking, you can instantly switch sides while blocking.

      Don't effing use magic on every pixie you see, even if you don't get the sword upgrade, there's a second one nearby that's hella easier to get and you can one shoot them to dust.

      If an enemy flashes right before an attack, that attack will knock you down, avoid these on platforms! Or block 'em!

  31. Died on like the second screen on the first go, but then came back with a vengeance to almost reach the first checkpoint.
    Difficulty wise...really doesn't seem unfairly hard, but for the general audience it may be too hard.
    Granted I'm a guy who plays Dark Souls and Devil May Cry 4 on harder difficulties (Not extremely skilled at it though, lol), and I also enjoy games that are difficult enough that I die quite a bit so...

  32. Well, setting the game to start with 16 health, the sword upgrade, and knowing that you can bounce off of enemies with down attack, I made it through the whole demo on one life.

  33. F U C K

    The Video Demo Playthrough made it all look to easy
    While I got pawned at the midle of the video.........

    1. Oh yeah didn't know if someone already mention this
      I'm to lazy to read the whole text above , sory

      I modified 888 health to go to the boss T_T
      Curious about the sex sprite of Boss , I press "H" like in KuroVadis
      Hoping to see our MC get laid. Sadly no sex sprite
      But what I found is....... , the Boss just standing there doing nothing at all
      She stops attacking , might be a good strategy to use that huh?

      Though the demo didn't seem to need it at all

      F F F F F U C K
      So ashame to change the HP to 888.....


      F F F F F F U C K......................T_________T

  34. I died on the fourth or fifth rabbit. It's mainly because the controls are very different from what I'm used to, and so it makes the health just seem to fly by very quickly.

  35. First run died on the tree lady...beat the tree and figured I'd won XD

    Yea well there we go Maybe a lil' bit more hp?

  36. It was quite enjoyable, granted I admit I died more often than I'd like to admit. I was thinking those were cat girls though, but everyone is saying bunny? Eh either way. Only thing for me is the shield/bubble feels like it should remain until you are actually hurt.

    Seems weird to block or use the thrust [*] block and lose it as you charge through enemies.

    My only question is, what did the 2nd powerup do? I didn't really notice any stronger damage.

  37. The animations and controls are really nice and all.

    On the matter of difficulty, I think the actual difficulty of the enemies is pretty good, however there simply isn't enough health for the player to reasonably get through the level; it's hard to take on a goo girl and a cat at once and not be hit one or two times, the flowers can easily hit you while you're jumping toward them.
    Enemies being challenging isn't bad, but you need to balance it out with health packs or it gets frustrating.

    I tried running past everything and could get to the first cave while only taking a couple of hits, but every time I tried I ended up dying to the first fairy or very shortly after it, because I just got whittled down as I got further.
    Just a couple more here and there would do it.

    The boss is pretty good, but I think the speed of its humanoid attacks needs to be toned down just a touch. And also fix the bouncing exploit, it's silly :P

  38. I first died against the first enemy because I wasn't used to the controls and I assumed the options/keyboard menu at the title screen would tell you everything you would need to know about the controls and I didn't know down was block.

    the slime enemy was tough until i learned how to use magic. the fist slime enemy on a small platform was the next major road block since I was often out of magic by that point, and had to learn magic was limited in the first place. I still don't know how to get it back, and after 5-10 tries I by best is half dead after.

    After dieing maybe 20 times total without any hint of a checkpoint of boss I stopped having any fun and quit. I now know checkpoints exist, but I never reached one and thought this would be like a NES game with no saves that I would never beat.

    I still cant pull of the dash attack even knowing now how to do it.

    I suggest putting all the control explanations in the game itself, or at least in a readme with the download and put a checkpoint in the very beginning, like in Kurovadis, so people know they exist.

  39. I died to the third or fourth catgirl.
    It took me around 20 tries to finally reach the first checkpoint, because only after some deaths I realized that blocking is an easier way to survive. Healing items are way too scarce. For now it feels like playing a Metroid game where enemies never drop anything. It´s managable, but quite hard.

  40. love it, except for the rarity of health and lack of hits taken to die.

  41. I blatantly ignored your instructions the first few attempts and just tried to get as far as I could by jumping and slashing. Without blocking and the down-stab, I only got as far as the screen where the rotating spikes appear because I had no safe pattern to deal with the enemies :)

    With the instructions I die about 2 or 3 maps after the guy who throws confetti into the air (just while writing this figured out he must be a checkpoint for the 'Continue' menu entry :D). Mostly I die from having too many projectiles and enemies around me to deal with.

    Except for the catgirls, the down-stab seems to be the best weapon for all situations because it's a one-hit-kill (I guess the only way to weaken it without damaging the player would be if the enemy is thrown back by it).

    In one situation I ended up being raped by a slime girl in mid-air, slowly drifting downwards. I'm not sure how it happened, maybe I fell on my back a second time while she was still coming towards me and then was grabbed out of the air - just guessing, if it happens again I'll try to remember better :)

    If I was to pick a favorite enemy, it would be the plant girl. She looks the cutest!

  42. Some issues with the demo. So far I really love it, I do like the difficulty, but the game has some screwy things that are a bit annoying.

    Blocking, I understand that it's only to the way you are facing and this is done for difficulty reasons. But slime globs can bug and even if it comes from your front and you block that way it doesn't block them, this is quite annoying, as sometimes it blocks them, sometimes not. Perhaps make blocking either not block slime at all (so you have to dodge them slime globs) or make blocking always block slime regardless of the direction you are facing.

    Also checkpoints! Much needed in this.

  43. uh,okay, ill tell you something weird that happened to me. For one thing, i played it on normal for a bit. Worked perfectly fine, died in the second area to the slime thrower you first find. I'm an easy game-play difficulty player anyways, since I'm not the patient type. Then i hooked my controller up and started playing it, went to new game, and tried to select easy mode.....kept sending me back to slot select. So i ended up trying hard difficulty, and it worked fine with the button i was pressing. For the bug, i got to the second bunny girl at the beginning, and the game did the same thing that assassin's creed 2 did for me, i split in to 2 people... one was being raped, and another was running around as if he never got caught, so now i have 2 players running around doing the same exact thing,lmao.i took a picture, and ill make some game-play video of the after effect for you as well, as proof.

    1. Would like to mention im using the newest version of the game, in a newer post, oops.

  44. I find the game difficulty to be great, with two caveats: The default controls are awful, and the mash keyboard to escape grapples bit.

    Since the default controls can easily be remapped, that's fixed quick by changing arrow keys to wasd and action keys to j (attack) k (jump) l (dodge), but I don't know why this isn't the default.

    The button mashing, though... does anybody enjoy that ever? It would be okay if it was just a little bit of button mashing, but it's so much...

  45. screw I'll post this free of the foresight of readings others comments first...

    difficulty: I watched you play AFTER playing it myself and a couple of the things I realized was that I had no idea you could interact with objects in certain manners that you did.. and I also realized that you are VERY good naturally at platformers... even if you did create this one. So the game is actually very hard for the rest of us... that being said, don't change it. It's one of the things that makes this a decent game and not just a decent H game (which normally suck horribly).

    The default controls are horrid, but the controller support is badass and I immediately started using my xbox 360 controller with 0 flaws or set up needed.

    Effects on the H attacks would be awesome, especially if they changed the character in some way over time, negative or positive.

    The gallery addition is a lovely feature, but I read something on another board about H games and Kuravadis that I think you should embrace even MORE (you already do);

    most H games you play to lose... the game itself is secondary to the H and usually complete balls, so you play it so you can lose and see the H content. What YOU have is an actual game worth playing that the user feels the need to actually WIN and not just play for the H scenes.... You already basically reward the player with the H animations for getting knocked down and the beauty is that once you are knocked down there isn't really any penalty for letting it happen, so you aren't obliged to lose your progress just so see a new H animation. The problem is that you ARE if you want to see that lovely H CG scene... I would die to each and every new enemy just so see a new scene (or if there even was one) for kurovadis and Eroico alike. My only recommendation for the full game is that you let those gallery scenes be visible to anyone who has KILLED one of those creature, and let the player know that, so that they can progress without feeling the need to die to unlock H content.

    Long winded... sorry about that.

    1. Yeah, I've been thinking about including something that lets you unlock scenes without experiencing them. Depends on the game, though.

      For instance, in one of the games I was working on, there was an item you got in the game (a camera) that allowed you to unlock certain things by taking pictures of the enemies. I'll probably include stuff like this in the future, since after this, I doubt I'll ever be doing such a linear game again.

  46. anyone got full save file?

  47. Daaaaaaeeeeeeeeddddd LLLLLiiiiiiiinnnkkkk

    Gave ma brrraaaaiiiiin

    1. The latest version is at the top, this is just an old demo.