Saturday, June 1, 2019

Pose system.

Currently figuring out how posing will work.

Like I've said before, the player will have unique animations with every enemy while naked.
However, while clothed the player will use generic poses across all monsters, as seen above.
Female enemies will also use these poses, so that male and female enemies can all H each other.

The hard part is figuring out which poses to use, since some poses offer more possibilities than others. For example, the first pose can be used horizontally or vertically, or flipped, to get different variations. As long as all the parts match, the sprite can be rotated and positioned through code, which means I only have to animate 1-3 poses per enemy.

So basically, I need to decide on some sort of system. For example, let's say the male and female pose in image 1 are "F-A" and "M-A".

F-A can be flipped vertically with M-A. 
Both variations can also be rotated 90 degrees

In total, there would be 4 variations.

However, depending how M-A is drawn, other poses can work in the same way. For example, the animal girl's above pose works in the same situations as F-A, despite being a different pose. this animal girl's F-A, F-A2, or F-B?
While it works in the same situations, it has possibilities that F-A's doesn't such as the face-sit pose seen with the goblin.

In other words, can F-A be anything so long as it works with the same male poses, OR, do I just have a wider range of poses in the map?

And also if there is variation, I will likely have to choose between male or female to have variation. If the male poses are always A-B-C and specific, then female poses can be anything as long as they each work with the male poses. Yet at the same time, the player will probably be more interested in having more variations for monsters, since they will be seeing the player's animations the most.


  1. So, when do you plan adding music and sound effects?
    I'm not even talking about ones made specifically for this game, just placeholder ones would be fine.

    1. Dunno yet. Will prob do the sounds as I upload the first Version with H

  2. that looks super lame lol

    nothing turns a person on more than asset re-use

    1. Nothing turns a person off like not reading the post. The game will have normal animations just like every other game.

    2. @9:09 Anonymous
      In a hypothetical system, where the "asset re-use" allowed for people to select different chicks to be smashed by all the different enemies and their poses - I'd have to heavily disagree.

      Won't get anyone whining about the PC not catering to their tastes, in such a scenario. You good, Kyrus.

    3. I think it's important to note and remind people too that this will be an ongoing game. What might not feel like a large variety to some in the beginning may change as time goes on and content is added. Not saying Kyrieru will give everything a unique animation (that's literally unreasonable) but as more elements are added whether it new gameplay features or character animations, the whole dynamic feels different especially when applied to a rogue-lite/like.

    4. Every enemy will have a unique animation with the player when the player is nude.

      The initial reason/need for shared poses is because the player will have clothing sets. Since it's not feasible to make an H variation for every set of clothing every time I add an enemy, I want to have at least something for clothing. The fact that enemies will be able to have sex with each other is more or less a convenient extension of that.

  3. A 69 flip would be solid.
    One in a standing piledriver position, another floored.

    King of succ.

  4. I think your game looks amazing so far. I've loved all of your games so far and I can't wait for your next one to come out! I can tell u put a lot of effort into your animations and gameplay. ignore the haters and the trolls, I'll always be behind your games either gaming or fapping away!

  5. I'm sure I'm not alone in wishing for a way to support you. I won't press the issue as you've already made it clear how you feel on the matter. Just don't forget that even through the barriers of anonymity, perversion, and great distance, there are many hands outstretched in support. Be happy! Thank you for your work.

    1. Thanks.

      And yeah, like I've said before, buying my games is I'll I need. I may make a Patreon or something like that eventually for this game, but it would still be free, and just there for people who want to support it. (In fact I might do that to hire other artists to chip in)

  6. These look like they would be odd to animate, given that the motion would need to look natural from the varying 90 degree angles. But I say this with minimal experience in animation, so my word may not be worth much.

    1. They would be animated with the thrust direction alone in mind, so it will look passable as long they're movement matches the male thrusting. Without a simple form of animations, it would be impractical to make it so enemies can all have sex with each other.

  7. For a start it may be "somewhat ok", but poses like the (3rd line, center) may use the arms as support. It's not a big edit (when it comes to a single occurence at least...), and the image size/position may not even vary, so I guess "polishing of generic poses" can be introduced in stage 2 of the game.

    Stage 1: create a templade of generic poses until most things are covered.
    Stage 2: rework the animations that look sloppy when enough bases are done.
    Stage 3: convertion of enemy females to PC rebirt options

    It's an ongoing game after all, even if those looks cheap at first it makes sense to at least implement the code and call for other filenames later when the project can afford to move on polishing phase.

    Another way to tackle that would be to alternate animation goals/priority:

    New male enemy:
    A- new unique H-animation for PC

    New female enemy (or NPC who may interact with an area's creatures):
    A- new generic H-base for New and PC (animation that don't need rework later)
    B- new clothes set for New and PC (if eligible for rebith option)

    Just working on an area:
    A -apply "new H-generic base" to remaining NPCs (code and graphics)
    B- new H-variation of existing bases for All (code)
    C- refining of existing H-variation for PC (graphics)
    D- apply refned H-animation to NPCs (graphics)

    Like this, PC's interactions always feel a step higher than NPCs animations and serves as a preview to what's to come. New characters comes with a somewhat "unique animation" for the time they're introduced, that serves as base to expend upon the content when only working on level design elements.

    Once everything H is done, time to convert one race at a time as rebirth option:
    A- previously MC's unique H-animations (used to promote upcoming playable race)
    B- clothes (NPCs can be more visually varied if friendly with neghbor area)
    C- moveset (graphics)
    D- PC moveset (code)
    -New rebirth race release-
    E- New enemy type (rare occurence of them using human-style weapon fighting.
    (unless you fear that the protagonist will not feel unique anymore. But the game will probably be in late stages by this point, so maybe a unique event-related character will do))

    1. Lot of stuff so I'll just go through briefly what my plan is.

      The player will not have alternate visual rebirth options. Would make unique animations per enemy and events not viable.

      For enemy and "generic" poses, my plan is to have shared poses for the male enemies to start (1-3), and female enemies can have any pose so long as they work with those poses. some male poses will have built in variation (arm, no arm, etc). That way I can add female poses at any time, and make them unique to an enemy, rather than committing to any specific poses. (there are more possibilities for female poses anyway)

      Male poses can then be added later so long as they fulfill the specific conditions of one of the basic pose archetypes.

  8. Will there be any unique npc on npc animations? Or is it too early to say?

    1. There will be for events and the like, along with everyone having at least a unique animation for the player.

  9. I want to play as the demon/minotaur oppai chick. Those abs are YES. You said you will add martial arts to the game? How meaty will the fisting be, gameplay-wise i mean.

    1. It will probably be possible to play as enemies with their basic moveset in a sort of extra mode, but they will not be fully featured like the player.

      Considered changing from weapons to martial arts but I won't be. There might be martial arts in some capacity, but not an all-encompassing game mechanic like it would have been if I ruled out weapons.

  10. So is Noika just on a semi-permanent hold while this (third?) 'inbetween' game is worked on? It has been four years.

    1. The game showed in the images above is something I'm working on 1-2 days a week, and exists so that there will be some H every 1-2 weeks. Basically to tide people over.

      During the rest of my time I'm working on one of the smaller full games. Once that's done I'll be finishing Noaika. Then finishing the rest of the incomplete games.

    2. So one small game then noaika is the plan?

    3. Yup. The above game and the small one are also serving the double purpose of optimizing a lot of the stuff that was in Noaika, since the way it was made at the time made it a bit slow. I didn't want to finish it as it was and then have to tweak it forever, so I felt it was best to learn with a clean slate once GM2 came out, and carry over those improvements to Noaika with as little hassle as possible. Things like tile collisions will likely make Noaika around 5X faster.

  11. 3 weeks after you said we'd get updates every week or two. Glad to know we can count on you.

    1. The horn shall never be sated, in the sight of such wonderful creations.

      Be proud of your indirect ability, to invoke the babbus tears, Kyrieru.
      It's the only way they can tell you: "Thank you."

    2. The schedule isn't really going to start in that regard until the first H is released, since people don't really care too much about wacking an enemy around. I've just been keeping up the two days of work per week.

      Until then it's basically just the status reports, for which the next one is today.