Sunday, April 28, 2013

Offbeatr Project?

Just as DLsite proved to me that making Hentai games for a living was financially viable, Offbeatr has proved to me that adult crowdfunding sites are a potential method of producing games. (I'm looking at you, Fenoxo)

Here is the site.

However, why use crowdfunding when I sell games already? Well, the main benefits of using crowdfunding would be,

1. The ability to work on games that I would otherwise consider too risky or time consuming to make; games with things like character customization and equipable clothing, alternate H-animations, branching pathes etc.

2. It would allow me to include a story and dialogue in English, without worrying about Japanese sales or translation.

3. I would have the money to hire other artists from the beginning, rather than using money from previous sales, which can be a bit risky, financially. (I don't think I'll be able to afford it for the game after Eroico, for instance)

Bottom line, it's an option. My question to you is, how, and when, would you like for me to go about it?

I can either finish Eroico and begin the next project as planned, which will still be a game far more complicated than Eroico or Kurovadis, or I could take a shot at creating an Offbeatr project. The input I'd need from you would be,

What would you like to see as pledge rewards? (The lowest amounts would be that you get the game)
What would you like to see as stretch goals? ( I imagine stretch goals would include hiring more artists or CG artists)

That's about it, really. Obviously I could just start an Offbeatr project and see what happens, but I thought I'd see what you guys think first.


  1. This seems like a good idea, especially if you continue to improve on games made as a result. Kurovadis is probably the most popular hentai platformer, and Eroico has shown off your ability to make gameplay fluid and diverse in the way in which you attack certain problems. If this is any indication as to where your games are headed, then I believe that this would be a pretty good idea.

    Also, as far as the pledge rewards go you probably should take a lessons on what not to do from Capcom. Don't restrict content, but instead add more, such as new palettes for the playable character, or new sets of clothing as you mentioned in point "(1" of why it would be benefitial to crowdfund.

    Stretch goals that you could reach through crowdfunding could also be things such as, finding time to create side quests in your games. Maybe a loot system that allows you to build your character in the way you want. Another good idea I shamelessy stole from one of your previous posts is the option to have your character a boy or a girl and have different scenes for each (if you had the amount of artists necessary)

    Anyways, that's my take on it. To be honest, you've handled yourself pretty well so far and have amassed a sizable following, so I can't see you making any shockingly poor decisions anytime in the near future.

    1. One thing I will say in regard to the Capcom comment, I'm pretty much entirely against most modern practices when it comes to things like pre-order bonuses, dlc, and micro-transactions. I tend to be of the camp that a game should just be a single, absolute experience from the moment you buy it, so you'll never see any of that from me.

      Which is why pledge rewards are kind of tough for me, because I don't like the idea of some people having a better experience because they paid more.

    2. Maybe you can offer out-of-game rewards like for example, an extra CG set, or a comic to expand the game's story, or even something as simple as mentioning them in the game credits. You can give pledge rewards without having to alter the gameplay for everyone (just my opinion)

    3. I know! What if you did something like this?:

      E Tier Pledger: Suggest an additional animation/position for an already existing enemy
      D Tier Pledger: A cg featuring a fetish/position from one of the game's enemies + E
      C Tier Pledger: They can create/describe an enemy they would like to see in the game + D
      B Tier Pledger: Create a Boss Enemy with an animation and a CG
      A Tier Pledger: Create an entire (but short) level/area + B

      You could probably arrange or neuter some of the options but I think this is the best solution. Everyone gets the same game and those who meet the Pledge Requirements actually get something. Of course there are other things like what you're willing to draw as well as well as whether what they suggest fits the theme of the game but.. yeah.

  2. Well first off I'd like to know how much you would expect out of each person. I mean, naturally I (we'd) expect as much quality for the bucks we provide, and possibly more. However, seeing as to how Kurovadis turned out, I'd say an Offbeatr project would succeed (Although I personally dunno how to contribute to kickstarter projects...)

    I also agree on your comment about how the game should be "unbiased/complete" from the get-go, unlike some companies who love to lock stuff up till we "liquify their assets".

    How about, for the pledge rewards, setting the bare minimum to getting the game itself, then another tier for bonus out-of-game CGs?

    But then, it's your choice how you want to do this.

    This, is your choice. Something I'd back.

  3. Sounds like a good option, especially if you believe Eroico is going to have a smaller turnover than Kurovadis and would otherwise be forced to reduce the art budget.

    Your point #2, English dialogue, also sounds nice because it would open up a lot of options :)

    If you happened to come by my blog recently, I was/am pretty euphoric about another Offbeatr project a few weeks ago. As it turned out, the fine print says that they keep 25% of the funds raised (so Fenoxo is about to flush at least $32,000 into their coffers :O). Probably not a problem if you're not bound to every penny.

    Pledges I could imagine that wouldn't give unfair advantages to backers might be beta access, being allowing to pick (or cast votes for) enemies appearing in the game, getting a second copy of the game for a friend (or maybe one of your other games), one's name appearing in the credits as a backer, copies of all unused/raw art assets or something outside the game like printable cutouts of some characters for your desk or so... just brainstorming :D

    1. Actually, they only take 20% for projects over $10,000 (Also, it's made clear, it isn't really fine print.)

      By comparison, DLsite takes up to 50% through BS buisness practices, so it's hardly an issue in my eyes.

    2. You're right, their "Fees and Costs" page isn't hard to find or cryptic in any way :) - On the other hand it's not mandatory viewing before setting up a project, though. I guess the creator of the other Offbeatr project I mentioned must have been in a hurry (he only noticed after his project succeeded) :D

      Yeah, looking at DLsite puts things in perspective again.

  4. Just don't turn out like Fenoxo.

    We don't need two.

    1. you talk about that game?

    2. No. I'm talking about Fenoxo specifically.

      He's become a bit of a cunt.

      Plus, I don't consider him on the same level as Kyrieru.

  5. I think offbeat is a cool site. I'd be fine crowd funding your games, as so far they've all been quality. I use kickstarter all the time to crowdfund indie titles, I don't see why this is any different.

    A few thoughts on crowd funding of H games.
    1. You'll be getting paid more early (for more than donations) but likely less after the game is released. Because there's sort of a "limited market" for these sorts of things, your advertising of the finished product will be limited. That meaning the bulk of your profits will come from the crowd funding itself. I still think it's a better system than working on nothing but donations and then getting a kickback when you finish it.

    2. Crowd funding tends to require a commitment and hard deadline. I've only idly followed your career over the past few years so I'm not sure what your turn around time is, but generally with the crowd funding projects I've funded, a finished product is expected within the next calendar year. (ie. you launch your promotion in may, it's likely expected by no later than December the following year.)

    3. Set your goal lower than what you actually want/expect to make. Setting it too high can be discouraging and people won't invest when they see too high a goal. You're better off counting on stretch goals because these things always seem to gain momentum as they reach their initial "goal" which carries over into stretch.

    That being said, I'd totally fund you on offbeat. Now finish Erocio already.

    1. Keep in mind that I'd still be selling the game on DLsite after it's finished, which so far has made up the majority of sales.

      As for setting the goal lower and using stretch goals, that sounds pretty reasonable.

    2. While that's true, and I'm sure you will continue to sell your game on DL site after it's published, I think a large portion of your market will buy from offbeat. So I think you'll see alot more money up front, but probably less after the game's final release.

    3. Just pint out the game on offbeat and offer neutral rewards such as early access and discounted purchases and proceed selling the game as usual when it's out. Creating additional content-bonuses to be added to everyone whenever your requested funds go above 100% will also benefit you, for example:

      100% Game has full funding for development.

      150% Game will have 2 more bosses & respective areas to get to bosses.

      No idea why you're trying to pick cake or pie when you can clearly have both.

  6. It certainly SOUNDS like a good idea, but I'm wary about it. What if you changed your mind about the project, and wanted to take it into a drastically different direction, or drop it entirely? You couldn't really do that if others had put their money into it.

  7. You should try Offbeatr for your next game. I don't know what you had planned for it, but try crowdsourcing the post-Eroico project. Worst case scenario: no one pledges and you can carry on as planned. Best case scenario: it serves as an excellent preorder service.

  8. In my opinion, it's largely a question of the size of your goal versus the size of your playerbase. It's more than likely most of the crowdfunding money would come from people who are already familiar with you and would already buy your games. With Kurovadis, you've already proven that you have a following of people willing to pay, but the question is if that following is large enough to sustain the financial goal you would be looking for.

    It was somewhat expected that Fenoxo's project, for example, would amass so much money since he already had such a large and popular following to appeal to, making his financial goal very attainable. So I'd say it's most important to get an estimate of the numbers and from there try and set a reasonable goal + set of stretch goals. I do not doubt, though, that most people who would have otherwise purchased a game for a fixed price would be willing to spend a little more to obtain some extra perks.

    Because of that, I think it might actually be wisest to appeal to the camp of funders who are looking to grab a pre-order + maybe an extra few perks or two. I'd imagine these would be pledge levels on the order of 20 - 40 dollars. As for stretch goals, I think it'd be most effective (and fair) if they were concerned mostly with additional content since even if (hypothetically) a single person were to donate a lot to see a specific something into the game, it would be available to everyone else playing the game anyway.

  9. I'm reluctant to give my credit card information to sites like Offbeatr or DLsite. I've backed kickstarter projects before, but I would not support crowdfunding production using a site I haven't heard of before. Good luck if you try it though. Looking forward to Eroico either way.

    1. I agree with this logic to a point. Part of my hesitation has to do with the taboo and stigma of paying for porn. We've been conditioned to think it's a shady business full of information theft and computer viruses, and rightly so. I've purchased things of DLsite, and it always left a bad taste in my mouth. The site just seems shady.

      I don't know much about offbeatr. I supported one game on there (flesh cult) and no gremlins popped out and stole my lunch money. But I digress, it's a shame kickstarter doesn't allow projects with mature themes. Though I'd imagine if they did, it'd soon be the majority of the projects on the site.

  10. Keep in mind that Offbeatr takes 20%-25% off of what you raise.

  11. Wow, I was looking for something like this myself, but didn't know that it actually existed.
    (well... I was too busy with other stuff too...)

    Anyway, thanks for sharing the information.
    Since we're currently running on a pretty low budget, this might be an option that could help us making our current game better than expected.
    (buying music, investing more time into certain aspects of the game etc.)
    But of course it's not my decission, I'll just relay the information, and lets see what happens then.

    Thank you very much for everything you helped us out so far!
    I'm really kinda looking up to you, and I wish you all the best for your upcoming game release with Eroico ^^

  12. Well, you make make things like player customization your stretch goals to start with. Start with a very basic game, maybe something like Kurovadis as a base, and make your stretch goals evolve it into a better game. That's the most appealing approach to stretch goals that I've seen.

    For example...
    -detailed player 'status image' in the corner of the screen, will change depending on the character's health, if they are being hit or having an h-action performed on them. Something like what appears if you open the menu in Hounds of The Blade.
    -Clothing damage, for sprite and status image. Could be based on health, or a separate chance on hit.
    -Setting a level at which there are more of a certain type of content. One goal would involve more monsters, one would have more areas to explore, weapons and abilities to use, etc. You could mix this up a bit based on how you would want to develop the game, for example, one goal could be an ice area with 3-4 new enemies, 1 new weapon, and two abilities, that sort of thing.
    -A much higher stretch goal could be character customization. It's clearly difficult to implement, but a lot of people like the idea of it, so it could serve as a good incentive, and it makes sense to have it higher up exactly because of the work it entails (if you reach the stretch goal, the idea is that you could afford to finance doing it). Having this as a goal could preclude other options though (like a detailed status image), so it's a case where either you don't present both as an option, or you plan the complexity of eiditing those images to match the customization.

    Reward tiers could involve getting a pick for in-game content. This is risky though, depending on what kind of content you offer. Say, if at $500 someone gets to request a specific monster and such (using a very general example and arbitrary money amount), someone could request a monster type that you really aren't comfortable with or that really just doesn't fit in with the game. I'm not sure how kickstarter-ish projects handle incorporating that kind of thing into their creative direction, but it's an option that could work yet I would recommend being wary of. A simpler option might be to let someone decide on character outfits (or maybe design a human NPC depending on how the game is set up), but some of that may depend on having character customization as an option already.

    I don't see physical goods being a strong option for a project like this (but hey, if anyone can prove me wrong, please do), and the thing with that too is that physical rewards start entailing extra costs for all sorts of things. With digital rewards, you can handle a lot of it yourself, if you have a solid method of online distribution for it all. So my advice there would be to focus on that kind of reward type. Say, an omake gallery of extra images that aren't included in the game (maybe some bonus scenes with NPCs if the game has them, for example). Soundtracks are a common option if you're confident in the quality of the music. If you have someone do voice acting, you could include a little something extra from them as a reward, something like an audio drama (but perhaps with more H - or perhaps even something more serious, I can't speak for what people might prefer there). Basically, for anyone you have contribute their talent to making the product, you could have rewards built around getting a little something extra that results from that talent, and those you subcontract for said talent can make a little extra to boot.

    But that's just me throwing out some ideas off the top of my head. If you want to get into specifics on what kind of stretch goals and rewards people want to see, I think we would have to know more about what we are starting with first.

    1. As an amendment to my wall of text, I want to mention something short and simple:

      As you are now, you self-publish. You do what you want, when you want, with your own money, and then get paid for what you release.

      With crowdfunding, your audience becomes your publisher. Your work will come under a great deal more scrutiny with this approach.

      That's not necessarily all bad, but it's definitely something you will want to keep in mind.

    2. I disagree with a lot of your wall of text. I think the game should be entirely of his creation. When you start adding "features" that your fans request it just muddles whatever ideas he already had for the game. Let him make the game he wants to make, but crowd fund it. I don't think crowd funding in any way should have to be a collaborative tool. If he wants to make stretch goals, they should be for his own content. Like someone else said earlier, more bosses, more stages, more animations, or whatever. I don't think player customization has any role here. This is a story about someone else, no need to try to muddle that up with unnecessary and ineffective "immersion."

  13. I say give it a shot you wont really know how you feel about it until you give it a shot, also I hope that the artist you found gets to stay part of the team.

    As for the pledges that's a bit of a tough one.
    Say...E Tier Pledger: Shit fuck i don't know....
    I'd be happy with a thank you email somewhere in the mix maybe.
    Maybe for a high one they can have a stupid mention in some scrap of side text like read a not by Dr. Mathers and hell what do you know...that high pledger was A Mr. Mathers.
    Also a Credits mention...yup I have no idea

  14. It sounds interesting and would seem to give an idea of what you have to work with money wise as you work on the game, however I have no real knowledge of Kickstarter or Offbeatr so I don't know how it all goes other than I've backed a few projects.

    As for goals though, I would figure for stretch goals, you could add another new level with 2-3 new monsters each. One could be just the hire of more help, allowing the game to be done quicker, eventually hitting a final goal of a second character who plays differently as well as have different positions (kinda like your idea of the Human/Harpy)

    Some donate rewards could be say, a digital statue with his/her name. Then those who donate a larger amount could suggest or request a monster and position for said monster, staying within your comfort zone.

    Granted this is just a suggestion.

  15. have you considered working on multiple games at a time? i personally like your current games and would like to see more of them and didnt really think you needed to make them any better... i'd like it if you continued working on your current projects and maybe also a big crowdsourced game with a longer development cycle

  16. Just finish Erocio/Eroico Kyrieru
    And launch it like You said , at the end of April

    "Bottom line, it will be released before the end of the month."

    No one believe You , if You betrayed Your'self

    1. He's probably working on it so chill. If it's a little late, it just means he wants to improve or fix a little something. It never hurts to double check.

  17. For $2,000 would you consider a pledge reward of "Go on a cross-country road trip Road Warrior style and begin a bloody and ruthless campaign to force Pepsi Co. to bring back Crystal Pepsi"? Because I'd be all over that.

  18. Replies
    1. It will be release before the end of "This" Month

      But I do not know what planet Kyrieru live

      So I might correct it for him

      It will be out at the end of year / perhaps next year

      Chill out , as long as the game good "We" are okay to wait like a good Puppy
      Take Your 10 year time~

    2. And I don't know what planet you live on where the month has already ended.

    3. Uhm, yeah, technically April isn't over yet, and even if it was, I'm sure it's not going to take any longer than a couple of weeks after April if needed. Don't put Kyrieru on blast like that.

  19. If -You- pledge to keep them awesome sprite 2d games? I'd do the offbeatr thing.

    Otherwise? Keep on the path you're on now, and start the project immediately after Erocio. Hell, I'd do that anyway, and use offbeatr for the next game.

  20. My advice would be to go ahead with your original plans and begin the design for your next game, while simultaneously launching a fairly short offbeatr campaign of 2-3 weeks. Use the offbeatr to fund additional parts of the project, such as more artwork, music, writing, and voice acting. Each one being a stretch goal.

    For funding rewards, I'd say good ones would be:
    -A pre-order of the game.
    -Access to the beta and testing team.
    -Access to some of the concept art for the game, possibly an actual book of it.
    -If you decide to stream work, or if your artists do, spaces on those streams.
    -Official soundtrack CDs (possibly including your other games).

    None of those would change the game itself in any way for the players.

  21. If you can get animated scenes with higher resolution sprites and a lot of variety then by all means, offbeatr off the beaten path ^-^ I know I'd sink money into an investment like that.

  22. I think it's worth giving a try. That way you could hire more people to get things done faster and at higher resolutions/detail/scope.

  23. If you are doing a crowd source project, I suggest doing what Skullgirls just did with their voting on the characters. The first you have your unified world and core play concept, but with the tiers you add more.
    Say you decide on another sci-fi side-scroller, with monsters mainly loosely duplicating Metroid. You have the raping pirate, floating sex jelly, etc. Now tiers decide "X" amount of extra enemies, or bosses. 50k will get the 1st extra enemy, while 100k gets us 5 new guys.

    If you went with the "pay $500 and you get to tell me what you want", you may get some suggestions you don't want to do. These may not even be due to sexual taboos, but may be some thing like Backer-"I want a fem-spider monster", You-"But I hate spiders, and find them really gross", or Backer-"I want a giant Orange, no arms or legs, just Orange", You-"How do I make that a hentai enemy?". I can't help but feel that that investor would feel betrayed by it not getting your 100%, and you wouldn't be happy with a giant orange hopping around in your game. Or worse, you say no and the backer goes out of his way to get back his investment.

    With have a voting system in place, all the choices are ones you are creatively open to, but channels us the backer to try to get the thing we REALLY are wishing to fap to. Maybe during the 1st and 2nd voting process you allow higher backers with a pick 5 votes instead of the everyone else pick 3, have 2nd round 3 instead of 2, but have the final round be everyone gets only one. With that you do say yes, if you back me more I appreciate it more, but at the finals you value everyone's opinion the same.
    Although setting that up and organizing that might be more of a hassle than it is worth. Or maybe 1st round votes are done by higher backers, with final one done by all.

    The input to you the developer makes the us the investors feel connected, and in some part, help us live out are fantasy of make a thing that combines two of are loves, Sex and Video Games. While I may pay $20 to help get a pre-order and beta access, I only pay that $20 and then watch the site to see if others are doing there part to make this a reality. But if you make so a $1000+ investment I get a game with my fap fantasy in it, I might think it is worth it. I do think this is a limited market and you need to give a reason for everyone of us to give the most we can to you.

  24. lol kickstarter for h-games

    welcome to the future

  25. I would totally back the heck out of your next game! I can only dream of what you could do with a good amount of funds from the start, what you hint at (customization and branching paths in particular) sounds exciting.

    As for pledge rewards, the tricky things is to make them worthwhile without cutting too much content from the base game. Apart from the usual digital rewards like alpha/beta/soundtrack/artbook, personalized stuff like exclusive backer in-game skins could work. Physical rewards are an entirely different matter, especially if you take into account international shipping costs.

    And stretch goals, well, hard to suggest anything without knowing what you really have in mind for the base game. There are a lot of possibilities.

  26. Well, I think you should finish Eroico first. Then it's up to you to decide if you want to launch an Offbeatr campaign to fund a bigger game or continue on the DLsite path.
    For the pledge rewards, Im 100% with AnonymousApril 29, 2013 at 7:48 AM.
    It should be things that you are willing to put in the game first and foremost.

    Stretch goals could be nice additions wich aren't vital to the game, like being able to customize our hero/heroine (wich would be an high tier goal since it mean extra work on all the CG), extra levels, animated CG (either by hand or through vectorization), and so on.

  27. Dude every time I come here, I learn something good.

    As for the suggestions Pretty much all that I would suggest has been posted already.

    I personally like the Give a copy, real concept art book/short manga and name in the credits as rewards.

    1. OH and also been meaning to mention this for a wile now. You shouldn't worry about the language barrier in your games, GameFAQs had a poll a while back asking people if they every finished a game in Japanese and the majority said they did with a bit of "feeling" around.

      As long as you use things like quest markers on easy to see maps, I don't see a problem if your games are in English only.

    2. Sure, for games where little importance is placed on story, but as an extreme example, you wouldn't exactly get the same enjoyment out of something like Mass Effect if you didn't understand any of the dialogue. The point is that it creates a barrier in which some audiences can't enjoy the game as it was intended to be.

    3. Even if the game has a focused story, as long as the gameplay is good (and it doesn't depend on the plot), the game can still be beaten and enjoable. A good example is Magic Castle RePure Aria: That game's great, but I completed it without knowing a single piece of japanese, yet that didn't stop me from playing it or trying to finish it (as I did). I'm not saying the story plots are useless, I'm just saying you shouldn't worry too much around it as people will still play your games as long as their gameplay is fun

    4. In my case, I would have given up on that game if it weren't for English forums with members who had completed it. I get the impression that a lot of stuff that seemed cryptic and impossible to figure out was actually explained in dialogue.

      Also, I'm more concerned with people enjoying my games to the fullest than sheer numbers.

    5. Well I guess I cant argue with that, as someone that's doing his own thing too I see the sense in doing things a certain way that you feel comfortable with.

  28. I think you shouldn't attempt to fund ALL your future games via crowd-sharing. Every other one would be fine, but one after another would soon get tedious (for us), and maybe the funding would dry up. But, if these projects you choose to present seem fun and interesting, then I'm sure you could do a few projects this way per year.

    So, I think it's a good approach, but I have to stress that the first project should be a very good idea. Something unique that will inspire and delight. If your next idea isn't that, then I wouldn't do this until you do have such an idea. Kurovadis 2 would be a great one to launch this with, because a lot of people know it, know what to expect from it, and would wholeheartedly welcome it. If it's anything else, it might do well, but it's not guaranteed.

    Still, just come up with good ideas, present them well, and see how it goes. If the game seems worthwhile, people will fund it.

    1. Oh yeah, I just took a look at that site. I really hate all the black symbol-pictures representing the projects. Why are they doing that? Hopefully, you'll be able to put some more attractive stuff up when you try. How it is now just looks seedy. Maybe that's the impression they're after?

    2. They only show those black icons when you don't have an account or are not logged in. Probably because they can't verify your age then and project creators are likely to have uploaded adult images for their projects / rewards.

    3. @anon: If you click on the "I am 18" link at the top of the page it lets you see them

  29. I see no clear downside of crowdfunding. You've got a great name to yourself and quite a few good games to show off [Kuro and soon Ero].

    I imagine the higher tiers should include the ability to create a help monster; Higher ability to help create a monster and discuss it's H-scene, Highest tier create a boss creature with discussed animations.

    Things like custom CG's; Signed and printed custom CG's could make good rewards.

    God speed, you magnificent son of a bitch,

  30. If you made a 2D H-game with kof13 quality sprites I would give you the world lol

    1. Oh hell yes, I think than rather than customization or visible changes when equipping clothes, extra money should go towards making the sprites as good and detailed as possible.

      Besides the increase in quality and professionalism this would bring to your products and meshing well with H games for obvious reasons, it would also let you do "cleaner" versions aimed at the regular market that could get you some sales among 2D gaming enthusiasts and more publicity on worksafe sites.

      Win/win IMO.

    2. He already explained why he won't market 'clean' versions for public consumption. It would only take a google search to find the 'roots' of the clean version, which could reflect negatively.

      Though I do think he could produce a 100% clean game and make a profit off it.

      Then again, I'd rather he try that after Kurovadis 2. >.>

    3. I don't see how making clean versions would hurt him at all. His H niche will remain no matter what as soon as his games are quality, and people who otherwise would never touch his games for its content would try the too.

      Ar worst, he would retain his current market and add a few more "regular" costumers. Even that scenario would be beneficial. Few people would care if there's a porn version of the game if it plays well (and he already has proved that his games stand on their own and the hentai content is just a plus) and has high quality visuals.

      Otherwise he should forever stay in the hentai niche because maybe someone in some site says "ah, this is that one dude who once made porn games" even if he does 100% clean games.

    4. "as long as" I meant, hah.

  31. Hey Why you don´t work on "Crimson Brave" ??
    It would be cool -^.^-

  32. Offbeatr has a rule against rape content, doesn't it? I assume this means any game you fund via the site wouldn't have Kurovadis style loss/game over rape?

  33. Hey Kurovadis,

    I've done some research on a lot of stuff for my own projects.
    And regarding crowdfunding in this specific area (h-games) I'd actually suggest no to use Offbeatr. Not only because of the sites' terms but also because of the fees. And because it's not a big thing yet.
    In your case, since you have a solid fanbase and you have people trusting you, your work and your competence, i'd suggest doing a self-crowdfunding site.
    What I mean is, using something like "" or something like the wordpress plugin "", which work through Amazon Payments or other payment processors.
    Not only would you keep the whole funding, without fees, but I think that people who are following you and buying your games, would rather that you keep the funding and not having to hand 30% off to the crowdfunding host platform.
    And besides, with your reputation I'm positive your fans trust you enough for you to host your own crowdfunding endeavor.
    Just my 2 cents.

    Good luck,